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Everything you need to know about treating cut edge corrosion

We’re at the cutting edge of cut edge corrosion. With over 40 years of coating experience behind us, we’re here to help you understand this...

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What to consider when choosing a balcony waterproofing system

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we reached out to surveyors, building managers and contractors to identify the main considerations when deciding to waterproof balconies. From...

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Poor drainage: what you can do to protect your flat roof

In a recent LinkedIn Poll, we asked our followers to identify the most common faults they’d experienced with flat roofs - and now, the results...

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Continuing Professional Development: What and Why is CPD Important in the Buildings Sector?

CPD isn’t a one-time thing - quite the opposite, in fact. Particularly within the construction and building maintenance sectors, there are certain aspects of the...

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What to Consider in a Roof Coatings Waterproofing Solution

When choosing a roof waterproofing system, what’s the most important factor you consider? Waterproofing your commercial roof is not only vital for the overall structural...

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The Importance of Flame Retardant Paint: What is it & Why is Matters?

The Importance of Flame Retardant Paint Safety in any environment is important. Within the high-rise housing sector however, this concept is demanding particular attention. As...

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Understanding the fire risk of multi-layered paint

At Tor Coatings we have been making fire resistant coatings for 40 years and we have the UK’s most comprehensive range of Class 0 internal...

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No Joints, No Leaks – A Guide to Elastaseal Z

When it comes to maintaining weathered, worn or damaged roofs, leaking is often a major concern for building managers and a common issue encountered by...

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Managing fire safety in multiple occupancy buildings.

At Tor Coatings, we have been creating leading fire protection coatings since 1975 like Torrex and Torlife which are designed to help protect communal areas...

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A guide to high-performance liquid coatings for roofs, floors and walls.

At Tor, we have proudly been developing and delivering a range of high-performance liquid coatings for roofs, floors and walls for over 40 years. We...

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How Tor Can Help You Keep Your CPD Hours Up To Date

Making sure that your CPD hours are up to date is not only a vital aspect of refreshing your skills and knowledge, but it is...

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Importance of a Condition Report Survey for Protective Coatings Systems

Condition report surveys are an important aspect of construction and building maintenance for a wide variety of reasons. For any building project, the client, specifier,...

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