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Our year in review

Thank you for choosing Tor Coatings this year. As we prepare to say goodbye to 2022, we’re looking back at some of the projects we’ve...

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Prevention is the best treatment: how Torrex can guarantee years of protection

Multiple layers of paint are a known hazard when applied to communal areas & escape routes Internal corridors and staircases can be coated in traditional,...

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Winterproofing your roof with Elastaseal Z

With winter quickly approaching, you can be forgiven for thinking you have no time to successfully waterproof your roof before the wet weather begins. The...

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Achieving watertight finishes for communal areas

Outdoor spaces are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. This will naturally increase throughout the upcoming autumn and winter months. Providing...

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Professional fire protection and prevention using Torrex

Earlier this year, London Fire Department reported their busiest day in service since World War 2. When July 2022 brought with it a record breaking...

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Coil Coated Cladding Protection: Keeping Exteriors Safer For Longer

The results of our most recent Linkedin Poll found that our clients consider extending the lifespan of their cladding to be the most important reason...

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Different roof types and why they matter

How Elastaseal Z reacts to its environment There’s no room for cutting corners when it comes to weather proofing your roof. The elements can be...

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Spring maintenance for your roof

Spring is finally upon us, and, after what feels like the wildest winter on record, we could not be more pleased to welcome its arrival....

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New Face to Face Training Courses

Since our launch in 1975, we’ve been helping surveyors, specifiers, architects, building managers, and contractors tackle the most common of construction challenges with comprehensive training...

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Wind Uplift: How to Protect Your Flat Roof

After the recent, significant damage to buildings inflicted by Storm Arwen at the end of November 2021, we decided to share some information about the...

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Paintings, coatings and application: Why temperature, dew point & drying time matters

All contractors will tell you, waterproofing a flat roof in the depths of winter can be no easy task. From rain, frost, higher levels of...

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Everything you need to know about treating cut edge corrosion

We’re at the cutting edge of cut edge corrosion. With over 40 years of coating experience behind us, we’re here to help you understand this...

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