Wrapping up with Unicover – cladding, insulation and keeping moisture at bay.

  • 15th May 2023

As it becomes more and more important that buildings remain both heat and  energy efficient, adding the right coil-coated cladding to your building creates a buffer to protect materials that keep in heat from rust and environmental wear. 

Existing – especially older – buildings can benefit from a tested surface protection system within the many forms of cladding that can be assessed, chosen and supplied. If a building had cladding applied to it when it was initially built, say within the last 50 years, it’s likely that the external efforts have been worn by weather, UV light or no longer meets the air tight requirements and no longer provides any insulation.

What other benefits can contractors, building surveys and project managers alike gain from using a high-performance cladding paint like Unicover?

Updating Existing Decor & Colour Match:
All Unicover topcoats use ‘in-can’ tinting technology covering all NCS, RAL and BS4800 shades. Using coil-coated cladding for exterior walls can improve their appearance, and with innovative colour matching and bespoke colours being made to order, the application process becomes even quicker – reducing downtime during renovations.

Cladding helps increase the mechanical sturdiness of any building and offers maximum protection. Buildings that feature well-applied cladding don’t easily crack even when subjected to climate or temperature change. The consistent quality of Unicover can reduce the need for re-work and lowers the risk of non-conformance levels for projects, as well as their associated costs.

Low Maintenance:
With the many external wall cladding options available for building owners, they also have the opportunity to spend less money on maintenance. Cladding requires very little repair and cleaning regardless of the materials you use. Depending upon the recommended system specified at the end of a site condition survey, exterior cladding can carry up to 20 years of protection for your project.

Climate control for internal environments:
The cladding will act as a protective layer that stops internal materials like steel from rusting. Symptoms of inferior waterproofing and edge protection can result in cut edge corrosion, where any uncoated edges of Plastisol sheets have been exposed to weathering. Using Unicover’s EdgeProtect system provides a means of preventing such damage by sealing and safeguarding any corroded edges.

If you’re looking to find out how coil coated cladding can benefit your roofs and exterior walls, contact one of our experts for a free site survey today.

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