Learning about the Tor Partners Scheme: benefits for contractors and customers

  • 14th April 2023

At Tor we don’t simply manufacture and market products – we offer tailored solutions to building-related problems. Our Partners Scheme ensures that the right professionals are working on your project every time, delivering the high quality and outstanding value service we’ve built our reputation upon for over 40 years.

What is the Tor Partners scheme?

Our building maintenance products are both specialist and award-winning, and it’s part of our ethos to ensure they can be applied and installed correctly to provide optimum performance and protection. Tor Partners has a range of contractors with experience in our relevant disciplines, so we aim to link the specifier with contractors who have both quality and attention to detail for working on their projects. The partnership agreement between Tor, our clients and the Product applicator guarantees that Tor’s systems are applied correctly, and also to promote a mutually beneficial relationship.

What’s the aim of the scheme?

Providing effective and efficient product installations is the heart of all we do. As projects are carried out and delivered via a network of Tor Partners contractors, the scheme has been designed to ensure the peace of mind of clients and specifiers alike when our work begins.

Products like Elastaseal Z come with 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year systems to provide long lasting protection in as little as two coats. Our Partners Scheme provides validity to this guarantee, as they only become viable when our range of products are applied by our team of specialists.

Who benefits?

Our clients and customers benefit immediately from the knowledge that the correct specifications will be carried out on site, to the highest standard by fully trained operatives. This helps specifiers achieve best value with a minimum of disruption. The contractor benefits by getting full support throughout the contract. Tor will also promote these contractors to clients who want to utilise the scheme.

The success of a project rests heavily on the quality of the people we partner with. You can be safe in the knowledge that Tor Coatings will partner with skilled, reliable contractors whose customer service principles and values are aligned with our own. This is because the aim of the Partner Scheme is to provide effective, efficient, quality-assured product installation for all of our clients.

Stay protected with a site survey

We’re proud to keep our site condition report surveys free of charge. By being involved in the initial planning stages of a project, recommending a professional contractor, supplying our own technologies and overseeing the completion, we can deliver the perfect service, time and time again. We insist on monitoring the various stages of your installation to ensure compliance with the criteria of our single-point and insurance-backed guarantees.

To apply to become a trusted partner of the leading manufacturer of building protection systems, call the office to arrange a meeting with one of our regional business managers.

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