Protection for all weathers: The Elastaseal Z System

  • 11th July 2023

Spring time showers have stretched long into the start of summer! Where surveyors and building managers may have been expecting warm, dry weather at this time of year, intermittent heavy showers have had the potential to reveal unexpected leaks or water damaged areas in roofs.

Debris found on roofs and gutters can retain moisture, which can lead to early material deterioration. This can contribute to rot and even encourage mould growth. Such damage can be hidden by build up, meaning when rain washes away any dirt or foliage that has collected on rooftops the water can then penetrate through older, damaged membranes.

What should you do if spring cleaning has meant your commercial building project has sprung a leak?

Protection and repair in as little as two coats

The successful application of high quality roofing systems start with thorough site inspections. A Tor trained professional can assess which type of roof the building at hand has – a warm roof, a cold roof or an inverted one – and recommend the right level of Elastaseal Z’s waterproofing system for the job.

Elastaseal Z is a fully low odour polyurethane coating system incorporating primers, membranes and accessories. It provides flexible, durable, long-lasting protection for up to 30 years to first full maintenance. The system can also be applied as a wet-on-wet system, dramatically saving time and costs for clients.

The waterproofing membrane is capable of curing in a wide range of conditions, which becomes particularly useful in the unpredictable UK climate. As a liquid system, the waterproofing provides a seamless finish, which instantly removes the possibility of joint failure. This is an ideal solution for roof areas that require great detailing but maintaining an aesthetic finish.

Installation and maintenance

Only fully trained and certified Tor Partner Contractors are qualified to install our products, providing the necessary experience that our exceptional guarantee demands.

To keep the roof in prime condition, practical maintenance should be carried out. This includes:

  • Cutting back tree limbs that overhang the roof edge which reduces blockage of drainage ways due to fallen leaves.
  • Removal of any vegetation growth that may have occurred, taking care not to damage the waterproofing.
  • Ensure that any protective metal flashings and termination bars remain securely fixed in place, repair or renew as necessary.
  • Examine all mastic sealant and mortar pointing for signs of degradation, repair or replace as necessary.
  • Where promenade tiles or pavers are in use, ensure that they remain in position, secure and in good condition.

Stay protected with a free site survey. By choosing us as your supplier, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be receiving a high quality system, outstanding service and complete peace of mind throughout your project and beyond. 

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