The first coat of defence.

Torlife provides ultimate protection against fire and graffiti to new, bare or stripped walls and ceilings.

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Torlife Ultimate AG protects against the spread of flame to Class O on new, bare or stripped walls and ceilings. The topcoat is a high performance anti-graffiti finish which provides protection against serious abuse by allowing long-term effective removal when used in conjunction with the Tor graffiti removal systems.

Torlife™ Ultimate AG is suitable for any internal surfaces where effective protection against graffiti is needed in conjunction with a high level of fire protection, but typical areas include walls, ceilings and soffits in the following locations;

  • Communal areas, landings and lift lobbies in social housing blocks
  • Internal fire escape areas
  • Internal public access areas
  • Toilet blocks in schools and public conveniences
  • Corridors and escape routes in public buildings including schools, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, leisure centres, community centres and office blocks.

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