Floor coatings for a professional finish.

High quality floor coatings developed for superior protection and a long lasting, hard wearing finish.

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Tough products for tough environments, formulated to last

At Watco, we’ve been producing high performance floor coatings for over 90 years.

Using the latest resins and paint technology, our concrete floor coatings are more hard wearing, more scratch resistant and more durable than ever. And with a choice of finishes, colours and specialist properties, we have a coating for just about every problem and project.

A smooth, well-maintained floor will ensure a professional finish and we have a comprehensive range of repair products and primers for floors that look great and stay that way through years of hard-wearing service.

Fill and repair surface damage, cracks, and holes with our premium strength epoxy resin repair mortars.

Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre - is designed to permanently repair damaged concrete floors. Embedded with carbon fibre particles and loaded with epoxy resin, it’s stronger, more chemical resistant and faster drying meaning it can be used virtually anywhere.

• Tough, quick and permanent floor repairs
• Resin rich for thin section and feather edge repairs
• Ideal for holes, damaged steps and broken floor joints
• Guaranteed against impact and abrasion failure

Watco Flowpatch - is a pourable mortar for quick repairs to level concrete, for smoothing surfaces or to fill holes and cracks in concrete floors. Its blend of reinforced cement and polymer powder, means it hardens quickly and takes heavy traffic after just 2 hours.

• Repairs damaged and cracked concrete floors, inside and out
• Easy application, just add water, mix and pour
• Quick setting and drying
• Takes forklift trucks after 2 hours

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Priming the floor is a simple step that will ensure the adhesion and durability of the paint on the concrete surface.

Watco Powerfloat Primer - prepares new and smooth concrete floors for painting, without the need for mechanical preparation. One coat of Powerfloat Primer prepares the floor for painting without damaging the original powerfloated finish.

• Retains the strength and smooth powerfloated finish of new concrete floors
• Eliminates the need for costly shot blasting or grinding
• Unique primer that allows paint to bond to smooth surfaces
• Quick and easy application, just one coat, roller applied

Watco Epoxicote High Build Primer - is the ultimate partner for our high build epoxy coating. With one coat, it quickly primes bare concrete floors which would otherwise reject a paint coating. Recommended for priming and protecting heavily trafficked floors.

• Seals porous concrete to prevent bubbling in new paint
• One coat application, quick and easy to apply 
• Low odour, two-part, water-based epoxy resin 
• Overcoat with Watco Epoxicote High Build 

Watco Polyaspartic Primer - is a unique two part resin designed to prime and seal porous, dusty floors prior to coating. It can also be beneficial when overcoating an existing, well-bonded painted surface. Extremely fast curing, it can be overcoated in 4 hours.

• Primes and seals porous surfaces ready for coating
• Fast curing, ready to overcoat in 4 hours
• Performs in very low temperatures, at minus 10°C
• Ultimate pairing with Epoxicote High build for heavily trafficked floors

Watco Epoxy Damp Proof Membrane - provides extra protection for damp concrete and surfaces affected by rising damp. It can also be used if a Damp Proof Membrane has either failed or was not installed, or on floors than cannot be surface dried prior to coating.

• High build primer and damp proofer for damp concrete
• Virtually solvent free,100% solids liquid epoxy resin
• Withstands 98% RH
• Suitable for overcoating with any Watco coating

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Flooring is subjected to constant wear and tear and a coating needs to withstand these daily rigours. Watco coatings offer a range of options, finishes and benefits.

Watco Concrete Floor Paint - is a single pack polyurethane coating for general use industrial floor surfaces. Available in 190 RAL colours, with a gloss smooth or anti
slip finish.

• Easy to use, pre-mixed and quick drying
• Transforms and dustproofs drab or stained concrete
• Suitable for light traffic areas and general use concrete surfaces
• Impressive results for hardness, abrasion, scratch and impact resistance

Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat - is a two-part, water-based epoxy resin for lasting protection to light and medium trafficked floors. Available in gloss, a matt finish to help disguise imperfections plus anti slip finishes and 190 RAL colour options.

• Water-based formulation with low VOCs
• Excellent results for hardness, abrasion, scratch and impact resistance
• Fast curing allows two coats to be applied in one day
• Gloss, matt and anti slip finishes to 190 RAL colours

Watco Fastcoat - is a specialist polyaspartic resin formulation that allows you to clean, prepare and paint concrete surfaces in one day. A rapid drying coating is essential if operational pressures mean a floor cannot be out of action for long.

• Two-part polyaspartic resin coating
• Excellent abrasion, chemical and UV resistance
• Can be applied in temperatures as low as minus 10°C and as high as 25°C
• Exceptionally fast curing, recoat after 4 hours at 20°C

Watco Epoxicote High Build - is a 100% solids, two part epoxy resin which provides a thick, extremely hard wearing finish with a single coat. Use with Epoxicote High Build Primer for best results and long-lasting protection in heavily trafficked areas.

• Designed for tough environments 100% solids epoxy for ultimate protection
• Exceptional chemical and oil resistance with low levels of VOC
• Performance guaranteed by ISO testing to CE Mark EN1504-2
• Long-lasting protection available in a high gloss and anti slip finish

Need more technical information? Talk to our team of experts on 0191 410 6611

Why choose Watco floor coatings

Extensive range

A wide range of industrial strength primers, coatings and finishes to suit any project.

Specialist products

Innovative resin technology delivers exceptional performance in tough environments.

Unique formulations

Combined formulations to tackle demanding flooring problems.


High performance resin technology guarantees excellent wear and long lasting protection

Easily applied

Technically developed for easy application and a professional finish every time.

Maximise performance

Repair cracks and holes with Concrex epoxy resin repair mortar for strong permanent repairs

Epoxicote High Build provides heavy duty protection to heavily trafficked floors, with just one coat.

Continuous Professional Development? We've got it covered.

Our accredited CPD training is now available through in-person, on-site sessions as well as convenient online courses so you can continue your learning in an environment that works best for you. So if you’re a specifier, building manager or architect looking to use their time wisely – we’ve got it covered.

How we will work with you


Free Survey

Our site surveys are FREE. Our first step is to listen, to learn and to collaborate. One of our highly experienced Area Business Managers will meet with you to discuss your project and undertake a free survey of your floor, noting any issues and defects to ensure every aspect of the project is clearly understood and documented thoroughly.


Project Specification

Your Area Business Manager will recommend professional contractors to complete your installation. A detailed, bespoke written project specification will then be issued including CAD drawings as required. This specification explains how every detail of the roof will be tackled. Your Area Business Manager will always be be on hand to answer any questions you might have.



Your Area Business Manager and our technical service team will be there to monitor the various stages of your installation and ensure the project specification is followed correctly. You can be safe in the knowledge that we partner only with contracting companies whose customer service principles and values are aligned with our own.



For added peace of mind, all of our systems are offered with a comprehensive range of no quibble warranties. We are also pleased to offer building owners our insurance-backed guarantee, TorGuard.

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