Different roof types and why they matter

  • 30th June 2022

How Elastaseal Z reacts to its environment

There’s no room for cutting corners when it comes to weather proofing your roof. The elements can be unpredictable, so it’s more important than ever for contractors and surveyors alike to invest in safe & reliable solutions. All Elastaseal Roof Waterproofing Systems have been developed to solve the problems associated with the long-term waterproofing of cold, warm and flat roofs – and it’s important to know the difference.

Based on the results of our most recent Linkedin poll, we found that while Elastaseal Z can be used on several industrial roof types it wasn’t widely known that the waterproofing solution is best for Cold, Warm and Inverted Roofs.

In being proud to supply Elastaseal Z to industry professionals, we’ve been able to support building managers establish what sort of roof they’re working with and how best to make it last as long as possible against weathering. Elastaseal’s liquid waterproofing solution has been produced to protect for up to 30 years.

All applications are odourless, convenient and cost effective – so we took a closer look at the benefits of applying this innovative insulation technology to all 3 roof types:

What are common examples of Cold Roofs?

A Cold Roof has insulation material between the ceiling joists, resulting in warm and damp air escaping through the ceiling as it rises. They have a unique advantage during the colder months as they can prevent leaks that can occur when snow builds up on roofs. Cold Roof systems and construction details are designed to withstand large amounts of snow and ice, and this can be reinforced with a cold liquid applied waterproofing product like Elastaseal Z. It can be expensive and time consuming repairing cold, flat roofs due to lack of protection and maintenance – and Elastaseal Z can provide years-long reassurance in as little as two coats.

Information about Inverted Roofs

Keeping your building warm is at the top of a to-do list for Inverted Roofs. We’ve found that they have an ‘upside down’ waterproofing membrane where the deck is waterproofed first, and then insulated before adding additional insulation protection like Elastaseal Z. This is where we can provide maximum waterproofing protection as Inverted Roofs stand stronger against rapid changes in temperature – which is becoming just a typical day in the UK!

Inverted roofs can reduce carbon emissions, too as they help the thermal efficiency of buildings. When protecting this type of hardworking roof, Elastaseal’s long lasting insulation technology compliments the very purpose of a warm roof.

What about Warm Roofs?

Similar to Inverted Roofs, Warm Roofs prioritise keeping heat in buildings with a layer of insulation material on the top. Structural decks of these roofs should be sealed with a watertight membrane, followed by a tough insulation layer that fills in any gaps before applying a wet-on-wet waterproofing product. As condensation rarely occurs in buildings with warm roofs, dew points occur outside of them meaning they need more support, like using Elastaseal Z to minimise damage.

These efforts lead to keeping heat in buildings and energy bills low – something we could all do with as much support as possible with.

Stay protected with a site survey

Here at Tor we’re pleased to offer a free site survey to help establish which use of Elastaseal Z is right for your roof. Long-lasting waterproof barriers are the right choice for any building project. Get in touch to book your survey, and for even more technical information on how Elastaseal can save you time, money and provide longterm results, download one of our Tor Coatings Datasheets.

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