No Joints, No Leaks – A Guide to Elastaseal Z

  • 30th March 2021
When it comes to maintaining weathered, worn or damaged roofs, leaking is often a major concern for building managers and a common issue encountered by contractors.  Not only can a leaking roof cause water ingress which can weaken the structure of the roof, but it can cause other interior structures to rot, affect the insulation and lead to other issues like mould if left unresolved.


How is Elastaseal Z joint-free and leak free?

Elastaseal Z is a roof coating system that creates a joint-free finish in only a few simple stages. First, a base coat is applied directly onto the cleaned roof and reinforced with glass fibre matting making the roof watertight within 30 minutes of application. Once this has cured, a topcoat finishes the Elastaseal Z system. It’s waterproof properties repel water but does allow moisture vapour to escape through the membrane. The completed seamless surface ensures the building underneath is kept protected and dry.

Watch Elastaseal Z in action


What are the other benefits of Elastaseal Z?

Elastaseal Z can be applied as a wet-on-wet system which saves time as there’s no wait time between the first application of resin drying and the final layer being installed. When applied as a wet-on-wet system, application issues and roof failures associated with multiple coatings and uneven layer thickness are also eliminated, delivering a lower risk installation.

It is also a cost-effective solution to roof waterproofing as the system can be applied in a single operation, meaning labour costs for the project are dramatically reduced.

The system delivers results from just 2 coats and for enhanced durability and peace of mind, Elastaseal Z is BBA accredited and available in 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 year systems. Not only is the result waterproof but can improve the thermal efficiency of the roof when used as a BUR system incorporating insulation, but Elastaseal Z takes its Z from its zero leaks, zero odours and zero disruption benefits.

The Elastaseal Z system has achieved a Broof(t4) fire classification as tested under the BBA accreditation.

Being free from solvent odours ensures that the system is safer and ideal for use on sites where fumes can be hazardous, such as schools, pharmaceutical and food/beverage manufacturing sites, hospitals, commercial offices and retail units.

Want to find out more about Elastaseal Z?

Why not visit the product page or get in touch our customer support team who will be happy to answer your questions. You can also book a CPD to learn more about waterproofing for flat and pitched roofs. 



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