For Every Building Surface, Inside And Out, We’ve Got It Covered.

  • 3rd April 2024

The winter can cause damage to any surface on your premises. Water ingress from heavy rain onto roofs or balconies can do significant damage, so it’s important to carry out repairs as soon as possible. As the warmer weather arrives, Tor Coatings offers a high-quality repair service, expert advice and effective systems to make urgent repairs and keep your site safe.

The outstanding service from us for your project will begin with a detailed site survey.

Comprehensive and free, our report surveys are led by experts with over 40 years in the coatings industry and cover your site’s existing condition. We can discuss factors such as compliance legislative issues (such as Part L of the Building Regulations) and the premises’ sensitivity to solvent odours. Our specialists will ensure you are kept up to date with their assessment and what actions they recommend to deliver the bespoke solution on your project.

We pride ourselves on specifying the most suitable system for your site, from urgent roof repairs and external walkways to prolonging the life of your building with the decoration and protection of external cladding.

Roofing Projects

With ice, snow and rain, roofs are naturally one of the main parts of your site to be affected during the winter months. Our roofing systems are specially designed to repair, protect and waterproof your roof. 

While Elastaseal Z provides flexible, durable and long-lasting protection in as little as two coats, our leading liquid solution also creates a joint-free barrier with zero odour, leaks and disruption.

Raincoat W, meanwhile, allows you to make short-term repairs quickly and easily. Getting to work rapidly, this waterproof solution is perfect for patch repairs and for fixing roof core samples as you treat them. It can also be stored and reused for up to 2 years, allowing you to carry out urgent projects without worrying about wastage.

External balconies and walkways

Any landing, walkway or balcony that has been exposed to the elements this winter will likely be in need of some maintenance, ensuring these areas are kept safe for those who use them. 

Elastadeck offers an innovative waterproofing solution to external areas used to heavy foot traffic. Its ability to be installed in a matter of hours, alongside its long-lasting qualities proves why its a game-changer in the world of waterproofing systems. 

This quick and low odour formula ensures that disruptions to the daily operations of your site are kept to a minimum, while its slip-resistant properties makes Elastadeck the ideal solution for areas where safety is paramount.

Pitched Roofs and Vertical Metal Profiled Cladding

Unicover, our cladding coating, not only rejuvenates the look of your building after it’s been battered by winter, it also extends the life of its exterior. 

Our cost-effective formula is easy to apply and provides up to 20 years of protection. And, if you’re in search of a rejuvenating new look to reflect new ownership or corporate identity, Unicover is available in a range of different colours.


Whatever project you’re facing this spring, Tor Coatings has both the solution and the service you need to successfully repair winter’s damage. Book your free site survey here.

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