Stop Leaks, Retain Heat And Save Money With Elastaseal Z

  • 29th April 2024

Roofs can be a problematic part of your site, with leaks and poor thermal performance, resulting in higher energy payments and more expensive and time-consuming repairs. Regular roof inspections will help identify any wear and tear, or more serious damage and all roof surfaces should be regularly maintained to prevent issues worsening over time and causing a maintenance or repair headache.

Warm roofing systems provide a waterproofing and thermal upgrade to your roof, to comply with building regulations Part L. Elastaseal Z is a warm roofing system that will protect your surfaces without any odour, leaks and disruption to your site, making it a leading liquid waterproofing solution. Here, we look at what our experienced specialists consider as they determine whether or not our warm roofing system is suitable for your premises.

The condition of your warm roof

By determining what your warm roof’s current status is, our experts can consider its suitability for a thermal upgrade. Elastaseal Z can be used as both a wet-on-wet and a BUR system, incorporating insulation without any risk of leaks, while significantly saving time and cost.

Our team can also take core samples from your roof, to assess the presence of moisture and whether our innovative waterproofing solution can be the answer to your damaged roof.

The type of warm roof it is

Whether your roof needs flat insulation boards or adopts a ‘cut to falls’ scheme, Elastaseal Z can be applied in as little as 2 coats, providing an effective thermal upgrade to comply with the building regulations Part L.
During your free site survey, our experts will guide you on the best type of warm roof for your site and inform you of how Elastaseal Z provides a joint-free barrier and, with a ‘cut to falls’ scheme installed, allows standing water to flow into gutters and down pipes.

The life expectancy required from the new system

As our specialists carry out a comprehensive survey of your premises, they will recommend a waterproofing solution that will offer a safe, user-friendly experience. Elastaseal Z not only repairs your roof quickly and with a durable finish, but also provides protection that can last up to 30 years.

By repairing, waterproofing and protecting warm roofs, Elastaseal Z quickly stops leaks, conserves heat and reduces energy costs for your building with very little disruption to daily operations.

Watch our video on how Elastaseal Z has been used for Bishopton Primary School, based in Scotland here.


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