Continuous Professional Development: How Surveyors can upskill with Tor

  • 30th January 2023

At Tor Coatings, we provide the most effective resource for your project and, with 40 years of experience, we are aware that that could mean developing your own skills.

Whether you specialise in roofing repairs, floor waterproofing or walls protection, regular CPD training allows you to remain up to date with the latest professional requirements and maintain your knowledge of essential subjects. As well as expertise and proficiency, Continuing Professional Development courses can increase your confidence in your own abilities, while strengthening your work-based credibility, no matter how many years you’ve had in the industry.

CPD training with Tor Coatings addresses your need for maintaining professional credentials while enhancing strong links between your learning and your practice. This will help to broaden your understanding of how to tackle any new challenges you may come across in the workplace. Surveyors, Site Managers and Contractors can all benefit from our free and tailored Professional Development courses, with Tor Coatings delivering sessions on Fire Safety and Risk Assessment, Building Protection and the Waterproofing of Flat and Pitched Roofs.

Delivered by qualified industry professionals, our courses improve your understanding of current legislature and of any new changes that will be coming into effect, as well as cover how they will impact your practice. Making you aware of important alterations to the law allows you to incorporate them into your practice at the earliest possible opportunity, ensuring your processes are up-to-date, while you are awarded a certificate to confirm your attendance. As well as information specific to your area, you will be introduced to the key principles that Tor Coatings’ systems can offer you, to help you complete projects to the highest of standards. At the end of the course, you will also have the chance to draw on our specialists’ extensive understanding with a Q&A session. Here, you’ll be able to ask questions and gain advice and insight on how to further develop your practice.

Designed to cover your specific requirements, our free CPD courses are available either online or in person, meaning they can take place at a time that is convenient for you. Watch on-demand and advance towards CPD qualifications with structured and relevant sessions that will help you complete any skills gaps in your methods and understanding. At Tor Coatings, we are driven to improve your practice and ensure you have the skills and understanding you need to get the job done and move your career forward.

Find out more about our free CPD courses here.

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