Why a Condition Report Survey is Essential for Building Maintenance

  • 1st July 2024

A condition report survey is a vital part of construction and building maintenance projects. By assessing and sharing the specific project aims and existing condition of the building – everyone involved, from the client and specifier to the manufacturer and installing contractor, can align to ensure a smooth and successful result.

At Tor Coatings, a comprehensive survey is always our first step to increase the longevity, efficiency and safety of your roof, floors or walls with protective coating systems. One of our team of industry experts will visit you to discuss the project and undertake a free condition report survey.  They will assess any issues or defects to ensure all aspects of the project are thoroughly documented and understood.


Each project type has a different set of questions to consider in the condition survey.


Flat roof buildings:

  • What are the substrate types and condition of the current roofing system?
  • What is the build-up of the current roof? We check this using core sampling and / or construction drawings.
  • Do we need a wind uplift calculation? This is for built-up roofing systems.
  • How do we deal with waterproofing around or under plant and equipment on the roof?
  • Can we remove redundant plant?
  • Are slip resistant walkways needed?
  • Is a U Value Calculation needed? We carry this out to determine thermal performance of the current system and any recommended new insulation required to comply with Building Regulations Part L.

Buildings with vertical and pitched roofing or coil-coated cladding:

  • What is the condition of the factory-applied finishes?
  • Has the surface been coated previously?
  • Are there corrosion issues?
  • Is there a roof leak?  
  • What are the sheet joint gaps? Do they need attention before treatment?
  • Do we need to take dry film thickness readings? We take these in various areas and recorded to check the amounts of new system applied.


Condition Report Surveys at Tor Coatings:

Every new project at Tor Coatings begins with a free condition report survey. When you book with us, you receive expert advice from specialists with over 40 years of experience in the coatings industry. We meet with you to learn about the project and assess any building issues to ensure a successful finished result.  As the system install is also key to delivering success we use trained ‘Tor Partner’ contractors . Our technical service and area manager teams support them and the client while the project is on site. 


Book a condition report survey today here, or speak to one of our team to find out more

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