The Benefits Of Taking A CPD Course With Tor Coatings

  • 30th May 2024

Continuous Professional Development is a crucial part of your work-life. Keeping on top of the latest industry skills and knowledge lets you advance your career and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to changing standards and practises.

CPD Courses With Tor Coatings

At Tor Coatings, we provide free courses that cover advice on our specialist coatings, as we know what expertise, as well as products, our customers need to get the job done. Our CPD courses are convenient, accredited and flexible, allowing you and your team to attend in person or online. Designed for surveyors, specifiers and contractors, our range of CPD courses allow you to top up your qualifications in fire safety and risk assessment, building protection and the waterproofing of flat and pitched roofs. 

The Benefits Of CPD To The Professional

As an individual, you can enhance your professional credentials and competence through our CPD courses, ensuring you can provide an outstanding service to your customers while advancing your own career. Through applying what you’ve learnt from our industry experts, you can demonstrate a professional performance in your role and develop your own experience and expertise of which coatings should be applied and when.

This improved practise also showcases a willingness to your work that can lead to increased responsibilities and promotions within your organisation. Your commitment to improving your professional approach can lead to greater job satisfaction and create a sense of achievement in your daily operations.

By taking the time to complete courses that help you demonstrate a dedication to your industry, you can highlight yourself as a leader within your company and advance your career with relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

The Benefits Of CPD To The Organisation 

A workforce that is dedicated to developing their skills and understanding creates a diverse team that will move your company forward together. By sharing individual ideas and understanding they have gained from our free and convenient courses, they can solve problems efficiently and effectively. 

With experts in your organisation, your status will grow as your workforce has the confidence, competence and credentials to ensure each project is carried out to the highest of standards. By coming together to complete courses, respectful working relationships will grow alongside expertise, creating a supportive environment that – in turn – encourages increased staff productivity.

The flexibility of a CPD course with Tor Coatings also means your team can enhance their skills at a time that works around their schedule, ensuring knowledge can be immediately applied to ongoing projects.

From a practical point of view, continuous professional development sessions can also act as helpful benchmarks when an individual’s annual review takes place. By assessing their commitment to their practice, both organisation and professional can celebrate their achievements and mark out ways for them to improve further.

CPD courses allows professionals and organisations to improve their skillset and, ultimately, provide an ability to adapt and a high level fo service in a fast-paced and ever-changing landscape in the coatings industry. 


Find out how a CPD course with Tor Coatings can keep your workforce and company up to date with the latest knowledge and skills here.

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