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Tor repairs roof for Belgian paint firm


Tor Coatings’ Elastaseal liquid roofing system has been used in the refurbishment of a 2000m2 roof at the Martin Mathys plant in Zelem, Belgium. The existing concrete roof deck had developed a number of leaks and a long term waterproof solution was needed.

Martin Mathys N.V. is a Belgian manufacturer of decorative paints and specialist protective coatings for building maintenance. The business was founded in 1845 and has widespread product distribution throughout Europe.

Like Tor Coatings, Mathys is a subsidiary of US specialist paints manufacturer Rust-Oleum, who in turn are part of RPM Inc., one of the world’s top 10 coatings businesses.

The Mathys team approached Tor Coatings when they were looking to repair and refurbish a 2000m2 flat warehouse roof.

The roof was constructed of concrete and had been a problem for a number of years. Failed waterproofing materials had led to water ingress and this issue was becoming increasingly problematic for the firm. An effective, long term solution needed to be found.

Following a site survey, a 20 year Elastaseal cold liquid applied roof waterproofing system was specified. Elastaseal works by sealing the entire roof with a seamless, reinforced, barrier membrane, that is not only 100% waterproof but also allows the roof to breathe. This safe, durable and cost effective system is designed to extend the life of a failing roof.

Prior to the application, the roof was cleaned down and moss and stone chippings were removed. The existing membrane was primed with Torcure MC – an adhesion promoting binder and sealer.

The Elastaseal system was applied by professional contractors. As the installation does not require risk-laden hot works, the building could remain fully operational during application of coatings – which was a major benefit.

Elastaseal was an excellent solution for this particular roof as it meant detailing around pipes, protrusions, roof lights and upstands could be carried out with ease and, once coated, these areas would be fully waterproof.

The system was extended up the faces of adjoining parapet walls and terminated in special pre-cut chases. This measure is designed to prevent water from running down the wall and entering the building.

Elastaseal is compatible with almost all sound roofing materials so there was no need to strip out the existing roofing membranes (of which there were a number of different types). It can be specified to last for time frames ranging from 10 to 25 years. The flagship 25 year system is also certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA).

The Mathys roofing project was completed over a period of 4 weeks and represented the first phase of a site-wide roof refurbishment programme.