At Tor Coatings, we have a comprehensive range of building coating products which accommodate the needs of any organisation looking to safeguard their premises. Whether your building is undergoing refurbishment or in construction, you can use our specialist coating products to prolong structural integrity and prevent damage. Our range includes both interior and exterior building protection products, along with our specialist business services.

3 Ways To Protect Your Building


Repair - We will fix your leak whilst surveying your building, providing you with a bespoke specification.


Refurbish - We will install the recommended full system, using our Tor Partner Contractors.


Recoat - We will manage your building through our aftercare service, renewing any system guarantees after maintenance.

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Cold Liquid Applied Roof Video

Case Studies

  • CaseStudies

    Case Study: Elastaseal™ proves to be the best solution for maintenance on London’s Thames Barrier.

  • hanger-sector

    Case Study: Tor Coatings were tasked to repair and re-coat this historic aircraft hanger used during WWII.