Box Park

  • Brewery Village, Beaufort St, Liverpool L8 5XJ
  • Category: Uncategorised
  • Product: Elastaseal Z
  • Sector: Hospitality
  • Guarantee: 15 Years
  • Coverage Area: 800m2
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Free Site Survey


Tor Coatings conducted a site survey to thoroughly test the existing substrate and ensure any recommended system was fully compatible. This project required extensive preparation to the existing surfaces to a standard that will optimise the finish.

Product Specification


When the job was first requested it was assumed the building was plastisol coated sheeting, however it was discovered during the site survey the sheets were Galbestos coated. This is an Asbestos type of coating developed to coat and prolong the life of metal sheeting. One of the unique advantages of Unicover S is it can bond to Galbestos and encapsulate the risk attached to asbestos coatings.



Sheets were lightly washed down to remove any loose material but not disturb the Galbestos. Any rust was made good by means of preparing back to ST3 and metal priming with RC145 Elastaseal Metal primer. Unicover S10 was then spray applied for the final coating. Damaged sheets were made good and replaced by contractors, these were then correctly prepared by solvent wiping with TH99 in preparation for coating with Unicover S10.

Continued Support


The project has been completed in time and issued its 10 year single point guarantee with the approved contractor.

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