Crompton Hospital

  • 501 Crompton Way, Bolton BL1 8UP
  • Category: Roofing
  • Product: Elastaseal Z
  • Sector: Healthcare
  • Roof Type: Flat Roof
  • Guarantee: 20 Years
  • Coverage Area: 1200m2
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Free Site Survey


Before the correct coating system could be specified, Tor Coatings carried out a comprehensive free survey of the site to ensure every aspect of the project was clearly understood and all defects were documented thoroughly.

Product Specification


Elastaseal Z 20 year gutter and flat roof systems and Unicover Ultra S were specified for this project. The single point warranty is backed up with an independent 10 year insurance backed warranty.



Installation was carried out by Wilson Coatings. Before installation of the Elastaseal Z system, the team conducted a deep clean of the whole roof using jet wash in preparation for midlap CEC and proposed Unicover Ultra S coating. Tor Edge Protect system was applied to all side laps, mid laps and end laps, with the side laps requiring full encapsulation to stop water tracking in due to the roof profile. A central Elastaseal Z Gutter system was then installed to carry water away from all areas of the roof. The Elastaseal Z system was then applied to the atrium roof along with a final coat of Unicover S to provide an IBG 20 year guarantee.

Continued Support


The Elastaseal Z system provides long-lasting protection for up to 20 years. Annual inspections will be carried out during this period, with a maintenance schedule being created to ensure the roof areas are well looked after.

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