West Park Teaching Hub

  • Oakwood Dr, Loughborough
  • Category: Walls
  • Product: Unicover
  • Sector: Education
  • Guarantee: 10 year
  • Coverage Area: 2500m2
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Free Site Survey


Tor Coatings conducted a site survey to thoroughly test the existing substrate and ensure any recommended system was fully compatible. This project required extensive preparation to the existing surfaces to a standard that will optimise the finish.

Project Specification


To provide a durable, 10 year service life with an excellent finish and ease of installation, the Unicover S 10 Year system was specified.



The project was carried out by Cladding Coatings, who jet washed and mechanically abraded the surfaces to ensure that they were clean and that all failed coatings were removed back to a sound edge. The bare metal areas were then primed with Raincoat APA primer prior to the application of two coats of Unicover S. Access to the cladding was achieved on most of the elevations with the use of MEWPs/Scissor Lifts, but one section of the side elevation was scaffolded due to the ground being unsuitable for the mechanical lifts.

Continued Support


The project will be inspected at 12 months to ensure the guarantee requirements are met, and then at 5 yearly intervals.

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