Wandsworth Balconies

  • Wandsworth, London
  • Category: Floors
  • Product: Elastadeck
  • Sector: Housing
  • Guarantee: 20 years
  • Coverage Area: 500m2
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Free Site Survey


Before the correct coating system could be specified, Tor Coatings carried out a comprehensive free survey of the site to ensure every aspect of the project was clearly understood and all defects were documented thoroughly.

Product Specification


The Elastadeck™ system was recommended and a specification was prepared and tendered. Elastadeck’s low odour, fast-cure formula provides an effective waterproofing system combined with a highly durable, slip-resistant finish. This purpose-built product allows quick and efficient installation on site, requiring less coats and less disruption to residents.

The condition survey found that most areas were suitable to be overcoated with the Tor Coatings Elastadeck system, although some areas had previously been coated. As part of the adhesion tests, it was decided that some areas of existing coatings would have to be removed by mechanical means for ultimate safety and long-term longevity of the balconies.



The project was carried out by Smith & O’Sullivan with site support from the Tor sales and technical service team. In preparation of the application of the Elastadeck system, all areas were thoroughly scrubbed clean to a high standard in order to promote adhesion between the Elastadeck system and Asphalt substrate before the anti-slip Elastadeck system was able to be applied in its entirety.

In addition, a cut-to-chase termination detail was utilised along with a PU compatible mastic sealant, as this was the fastest and most cost-effective way of finishing the application of the Elastadeck system.

Continued Support


In addition to the comfort of having a 20-year BBA accreditation, the project is covered by Tor’s comprehensive 25-year single point warranty. During this period, we will carry out regular scheduled inspections to ensure that the performance is delivered for the client.

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