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Why do you only offer liquid roofing options?

Because we believe in them!

Every day our partner contractors see roof spaces that can house anything from air conditioning units and plant rooms to solar panels, with warm and inverted build-ups incorporating everything from roof lights, to bonsai gardens! Therefore roofing systems simply have to be flexible to accommodate the widest variety of complexities, whilst still offering outstanding waterproofing integrity and durability.

Detailing these complex and congested roofing areas with traditional and sheet applied waterproofing materials is not only time consuming, but in practice can create significant vulnerability if anything less than excellent workmanship is used, potentially leading to water ingress and ultimately roof failure. This is likely due to the inability of the materials to be shaped to the form of the detail. There is also the movement of the building, having to ensure adhesion to multiple substrates, and typical thermal expansion of the substrate and fixings to take into account.

Since these high quality, seamless, fully-bonded, cold liquid applied systems can be installed to suit any shape, and cover joints, seams and fixings, they eliminate potential problem areas, providing contractors and clients with a reliable, solid waterproofing solution, that encapsulates all details. There’s also no need to vacate the premises while the works are being carried out, due to the absence of any fire risk.


Tor are the only UK manufacturer that offer liquid roofing as a sole option. We could sum up why, in 3 points:


Performance – Seamless, cold liquid applied resins or liquid plastics have been welcome in the construction industry for longer than you may think. In the United Kingdom, the leading testing and approvals house the British Board of Agrément (BBA) has been issuing approvals for liquid roofing systems since 1975.

Cost – The process of liquid roofing provides a cost-effective method of making a new or existing roof waterproof. It can deliver up to 30 years performance depending on the coating system specified. It has been estimated that liquid roofing is 60-70% less expensive than overall roof replacement in refurbishment situations.

Safety – Unlike the installation processes of felt, single-ply, asphalt and bitumen membranes, liquid roofing does not involve hot works. Hot work on roofs is an extremely high-risk process, that poses a significant fire risk to contractors as well as the building and its occupants. Each part of the coating used in the liquid roofing process is applied cold, thus negating any fire risk.


You can download our brochure on our Liquid Roofing options via our downloads tab. To request applied system samples, simply fill out the contact us form!