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Can my pitched roof be waterproofed?

Absolutely. We offer two coating systems for waterproofing and refinishing factory coated metal profiled roof cladding. Unicover S is an acrylic-based system that offers excellent weathering properties and 10 years of protection. Unicover Ultra S uses moisture-cured urethane technology to deliver an exceptional 15 year performance. Both can be used as standalone systems, or in conjunction with our Tor EdgeProtect Cut Edge Corrosion repair system, for the ultimate waterproofing guarantee. Our reinforced lap joint tape and bolthead tape takes care of all possible entry points for future water ingress, and our Unicover Ultra S topcoat provides a smooth and aesthetic finish that you can depend on for years to come. For translucent GRP cladding, normally used for natural roof lighting, our clear Transglaze system can also be incorporated.