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Elastaseal Z: the only system you need.

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 Elastaseal Z Fresh Thinking Launch

Elastaseal Z: the only system you need.

At Tor Coatings, we are so confident in the benefits of our Elastaseal Z zero solvent odour formula we are ceasing production of our other Flat Roofing systems before the end of 2018. The Elastaseal Z system has seen a tremendous level of growth in the last 12 months due to the following benefits:

  • Zero solvent odour during installation – meaning zero disruption. 
  • A 20 or 25-year system in only 2 coats or 3 coats for 30 year system.
  • Higher film membranes which allows competitive application rates.
  • Apply to Single Ply membranes with no need for solvent wiping
  • All primers and Fibretex coats are also low odour.

In addition to those benefits, Elastaseal Z also delivers superior performance over the standard system with the following benefits:

  • Increased adhesion on all substrates.
  • Faster cure time and ability to accelerate cure in summer and winter.
  • A significantly higher heat tolerance. 
  • A far superior Health & Safety profile.

Combining these benefits allows works to be completed far more competitively. Moving to producing only the Elastaseal Z system will also enable us to provide a better level of stocks across fewer products and deliver a better service to you, our Tor Partners.

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