Barnfield Gardens

  • Woolwich, London.
  • Category: Fire Protection
  • Product: Torrex
  • Sector: Social Housing
  • Protection: Class 0 rating
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Coverage Area: 1750m2
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Free Site Survey


Tor Coatings were approached and asked to conduct a full site survey at various three-storey blocks in Barnfield Gardens to assess the existing substrates in all communal areas. The survey found that the building’s existing coatings were failing in many areas and would require a fire upgrading system to achieve a Class 0 surface. Specification had to factor in graffiti issues on many of the walls and treatment of historic damp. The tight communal stairwells in the buildings would be used very frequently by tenants throughout installation, which also needed to be considered when planning works.

Project Specification


Tor Coatings provided a specification that would upgrade the wall surfaces with their Torrex Fire Upgrade System AG PU891 and the ceiling surfaces with the Torrex EM356 Eggshell, which would both deliver a Class 0 fire performance without disruption to the tenants. These coatings protect against the rapid spread of flame and, instead, deliver a tough, hard wearing surface.



The Torrex system was professionally applied by City Heights Ltd, a trained Tor Partner.

Continued Support


The client received a detailed document with care and protection instructions to maximise the life cycle of the system, plus the option to benefit from our range of comprehensive guarantees.

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