Grosvenor Square

  • 48 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London W1K 2HT
  • Category: Roofing
  • Product: Elastaseal Z
  • Sector: Housing
  • Roof Type: Flat
  • Guarantee: 20 years
  • Coverage Area: 200m2
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Free Site Survey


Before the correct coating system could be specified, Tor Coatings carried out a comprehensive free survey of the site to ensure every aspect of the project was clearly understood and all defects were documented thoroughly.

Product Specification


The 20-year fully reinforced Elastaseal Z system was specified for this project as it provides a seamless monolithic waterproofing membrane that can be applied over the existing asphalt membrane. The client chose this system because of it’s low odour formula and ease of installation.



The project was carried out by GWS Roofing with site support from the Tor sales and technical service team. In preparation for the application of the Elastaseal Z system, the site was jet washed, filler repairs were carried out using EP5000, and the copping stones restored. An RC144 binder sealer and RC145 metal primer were then applied to all porous and metallic surfaces before application.

As the building is occupied with tenants living in close proximity to the works, ensuring the site was kept clean and tidy at all times was vital, whilst ensuring no high-odour materials were used in the process. Gaining access to various parts of the roof also provided a challenge as it was not possible to erect scaffolding throughout. Mansafe systems and harnesses were used to access these difficult areas.

Continued Support


Site visits were undertaken by technical services and the area business manager. A final site inspection was carried out to highlight and correct any snagging.

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