Poor drainage: what you can do to protect your flat roof

  • 23rd September 2021

In a recent LinkedIn Poll, we asked our followers to identify the most common faults they’d experienced with flat roofs – and now, the results are in. With a resounding 48% of the vote, poor draining was a clear winner. Failing joints and blocked outlets came in second place with 24% of the votes and saturated insulation came in last place, with just 5% of the votes.

With over 40-years experience in the business, we know that when it comes to flat roofs, a lack of effective drainage can seriously compromise long-term performance and life expectancy. So, in this guide, we will take you through the impacts of poor drainage and how Tor Coatings can help provide a solution.

For commercial properties and industrial buildings alike, opting for a single flat roof can often feel like a no-brainer. After all, they typically offer a more straightforward construction, improved durability and easier maintenance, plus, they can make buildings more economical to heat. 

However, when not designed thoughtfully, flat roofs can be subject to a whole host of issues, such as ponding, which, when left unresolved, can become detrimental to the structure of buildings, posing many financial and safety implications.

Protecting your flat roof with a regular maintenance schedule

As flat roofs tend to be less forgiving than their steeply-sloped counterpart, they require a thorough maintenance schedule – one that extends beyond the initial 12-month inspection – to ensure outlets aren’t blocked with leaves and other debris which can obstruct the flow of water.

Even where leaf guards and other protective measures are in place, regular checks, especially during the autumn and winter months, are critical to increasing the lifespan of flat roofs and to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

At Tor Coatings, we are passionate about the work we do and take pride in delivering the results our clients wish to see. That’s why our service doesn’t just end as your project hits completion. Our comprehensive 30-year warranty is designed to give peace of mind throughout the project and beyond. So, should any complications arise, our experienced team of site specialists will always be on hand to resolve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible – no challenges, no problems, no fuss. And, we’re not stopping there – we will also carry out regular scheduled inspections to ensure your roofs stay in tip top shape all year round.

Without a proper maintenance schedule in place, ineffective drainage can easily go unnoticed, resulting in a damaged or cracked membrane which can cause leaks and further deterioration. This was the case on one of our recent projects at Freman College, and is something we see all too often when completing our free comprehensive surveys.

Making leaks a thing of the past with Elastaseal Z

That said, with a well designed, waterproofed flat roof, leaks can easily be a thing of the past – and that’s where Elastaseal Z comes in!

Where roof replacements can be costly and incredibly disruptive, especially in social and commercial settings, adding a waterproof overlay system, such as Elastaseal Z – a seamless, joint-free waterproof barrier that maximises protection – can provide a simpler way of extending the life of a building, without falling into the trap of quick-fix repairs. 

It’s an innovative, fully low odour protective coating designed specially to repel water, giving you fast and effective protection against leaks for up to 30-years. This means that even in areas where poor drainage is present, you can rest assured knowing that your roof is fully protected. To learn more about Elastaseal Z, click here.

Having issues with your flat roof? Book your free comprehensive survey with one of our experts

If you’re currently experiencing issues regarding poor drainage on your flat roof, why not book a free, comprehensive survey with one of our experts? A highly trained Area Business Manager will meet with you to discuss your project, complete a thorough survey, noting any issues, and identify how Tor Coatings can work with you to provide a solution. To find out more, take a look at our Condition Report Survey Guide, or book a survey here.

Brush up your skills on waterproofing flat roofs with Tor Coatings

Alternatively, if you’re a building surveyor, specifier or property manager looking to brush up your skills on waterproofing flat roofs – we’ve got you covered! We offer a range of free, flexible and CPD accredited courses, including a 60-minute session on Waterproofing of Flat and Pitched Roofs. Covering everything from the causes of failing substrates, building regulation part L, how cold liquid applied systems work, along with much more, this live session will help open your eyes to a new way of problem solving and provide you with the qualification to prove it.

To secure your CPD training, register now.

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