Importance of a Condition Report Survey for Protective Coatings Systems

  • 1st February 2021

Condition report surveys are an important aspect of construction and building maintenance for a wide variety of reasons. For any building project, the client, specifier, manufacturer and installing contractor must all fully understand what is trying to be achieved and must consider factors about the project’s existing condition and how they impact on the refurbishment schedule.


Some general key first questions that will be covered in a survey include:

  • What is the overall condition of the existing surfaces to be treated – this is key in establishing the correct performance specification.
  • What is the life expectancy for the new system – are warranties or insurances required?
  • Is the site sensitive to solvent odours?
  • Are there any legislative issues such as fire performance or thermal properties?
  • Is there any asbestos on site which may hamper a survey?
  • What finish and colours are required for the building?
Depending on the type of roof the building has, there will also be additional questions to consider.


For a flat roofed building, common survey questions may be:

  • What are the substrate types and condition of the current roofing system?
  • What is the build-up of the current roof? (This is checked by core sampling and / or construction drawings)
  • Do we need a wind uplift calculation? (for built-up roofing systems)
  • How do we deal with waterproofing around / under plant and equipment on the roof?
  • Can we remove redundant plant?
  • Are slip resistant walkways needed?
A U value calculation may also be carried out to determine thermal performance of the current system and recommended new insulation required to comply with Building Regulations Part L.


For buildings with vertical and pitched roofing or coil coated cladding, other questions may need to be addressed such as:

  • What type of cladding has been installed?
  • What is the condition of the factory applied finishes?
  • Has the surface been coated previously?
  • Are there corrosion issues?
  • Is the roof leaking or does the roof just require re-coating and treatment for corrosion?
  • What are the sheet joint gaps – do they need attention before treating?
Dry film thickness readings may also need to be taken in various areas and recorded to check the amounts of the new system applied.


For Fire Protection on Internal Coated surfaces (walls and ceilings)

It is essential for compliance with the building regulations and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order that internal fire protection is in place on walls and ceilings. This is particularly relevant in multiple occupancy buildings and helps manage these surfaces following the required fire risk assessments. It is vital therefore to visit the site and check the condition and amount of paint on any existing coated surfaces. This allows all parties to determine the level of risk in the building and specify the correct level of fire upgrading system needed to meet the requirements of Approved Document B2, namely Euro Class B-s3, d2 or National Class 0. The survey will also note whether there is a graffiti issue in the building and allow the specification of an appropriate finish to deal with this problem going forwards.


The only way to ensure that a successful project happens is by assessing all relevant factors and accurately detailing the specification to reflect the findings. This way all parties can be aligned clearly to achieve the client’s performance expectations and goals.  When you book a condition report survey with Tor, you guarantee you are getting expert advice from specialists with over 40 years of experience in the coatings industry. As the installation of the system is also key in delivering this performance, we use trained ‘Tor Partner’ contractors and support them and the client when a project is on site through our technical service and area manager teams.

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