Wet Weather Protection For Floors, Inside And Out

  • 29th January 2024

Damage caused by the wet weather can be long-lasting and, if left unattended can lead to costly repairs and unnecessary disruptions to your site. An increase in the number of health and safety issues you face can also be caused by neglecting both surfaces that could so easily be protected.

With Tor Coatings and Watco, both internal and external surfaces can receive protection in the form of tough, durable systems and coatings. 


Elastadeck – Intelligent and fast-curing waterproofing for balconies and walkways

Heavy rain can take its toll on your external balconies, quickly turning them into dangerous areas. External landings in social housing blocks, as well as walkways in shopping centres and access areas in car parks, can become safer for those who use them with Elastadeck, our fast-curing coating system.

Designed to waterproof balconies efficiently, Elastadeck quickly provides protection to your external surfaces that lasts for years. Installed in just 2 coats, our low odour system creates – through resin technology – a tough, slip-resistant surface. Significantly improving the safety of your walkways by providing a fully waterproof surface, Elastadeck also reduces installation time, cost and disruption to your site’s daily operations.

Offering unparalleled waterproofing to any external surface, Elastadeck creates a seamless, joint-free barrier that allows water to run away freely, protecting your site for years.



Watco – Tough products for tough environments, formulated to last  

It’s crucial to keep your site protected on the inside as well as the outside. Hidden hazards, such as water being brought in via coats, shoes and vehicles, can reduce the safety of your site. Slips, trips and accidents from this can be avoided with the application of Watco’s anti slip coatings, making your site safer.

While floors, steps and ramps can become slippery surfaces, the hazards, in the form of rainwater being brought in, can be mopped up safely. However, mopping up smooth floors on a constant basis can be ineffective, particularly when the surface has also been contaminated by substances such as oil and grease. 

In this instance, an anti-slip coating would be the most effective way to protect your site. Our range of anti-slip paints and sealers your surfaces with finishes that are safe and tough.

Scientifically designed to protect your surfaces and reduce the amount of slips and accidents inside your site, our anti-slip coatings also provides additional grip when loading and unloading is taking place. Smooth painted floors as well as those that are clean but still slippery and surfaces prone to oil and grease contamination can all become much safer, as our range also features anti-slip beads that increase traction within an easy to clean finish.




For the ultimate protection for your surfaces, our range of internal and external products allow you to ensure your site stays safe, even during the wet weather season. Allow our experts to help you keep your site protected with a FREE site survey.



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