Your Building Covered – Tor and Watco join forces

  • 8th March 2023

Watco and Tor Coatings have come together to repair, refurbish and protect every surface of your building.

In teaming up with Watco and sharing our joined experience, we can repair, refurbish and protect your building and its surfaces – from top to bottom, inside and out. Our collective passion for delivering long-lasting solutions, along with expert advice and support, provides you with confidence and peace of mind before, during and after your project.

If you’ve got a building, we’ve got it covered.

By joining forces to provide industry expertise and an extended professional product range, we’re able to uncover new opportunities through shared knowledge. That means we will be able to provide more award-winning services and advice to customers and suppliers, supported by our widened product portfolio.

Watco and Tor Coatings technical advisors are here to make sure you get the right advice for your project and to provide you with the ideal solution to deliver the best results. As well as technical experts in our head office, we have a team of surveyors nationwide. So whatever challenge you’re facing or problem you’re tackling, our teams can advise on the best solutions, services and products. We are a team of problem solvers, focused on your building’s maintenance issues and we’ll help you repair, refurbish, protect and waterproof your site with minimal disruption to its day-to-day running.

Roof Coatings 

Experienced in providing protection of all kinds to all surfaces, our combined range of industry-leading roof coatings allows the continuing smooth-running of daily operations while ongoing maintenance takes place.

From new builds to older roofs that are in need of refurbishment, our products will repair, restore and waterproof flat, pitched and domed roofs. They are also suitable for most types of traditional roofing materials including felt, asphalt, bitumen, cement sheets, concrete, single-ply membranes and profiled metal sheets.

Our ranges provide long-lasting protection for your roof and our high-quality products ensure a professional finish quickly and easily.

Floor Coatings 

Floors in commercial premises are subjected to constant wear and tear from vehicles and heavy equipment as well as regular foot traffic. Our range of floor coatings has been specially formulated to withstand, restore and protect your floor from these daily rigours.

Whether your floor is prone to spills and leaks, if your warehouse requires marked-out walkways or if you simply want to brighten up a tired surface, our range of high-performing products provides a tough, long-lasting and durable finish to both internal and external floor surfaces.

Our offer caters for almost every flooring problem, as well as coatings for specialist areas such as car parks, loading bays and cold storage areas. We even provide a range of options that tackle more unique requirements including cold curing, rapid drying, anti-slip and chemical resistance.

Internal Coatings 

Our range of repair products and coatings deliver winning results for different internal areas, such as warehouses, production lines, cold stores and more general communal areas. Whether your floor or wall is made of concrete, metal or wood, our specialist products can repair, protect and waterproof any surface with a high-quality, long-lasting and professional finish, every time.

Damaged floors can be repaired, busy areas clearly marked out and slippery surfaces made safe. Internal walls can be protected from fire damage and their life can be extended with anti-graffiti coatings. Tough, hard-wearing and long-lasting, our range of internal coatings has been specially formulated to cater for all projects.

Improving your internal walls, floors and stairs need not necessarily mean extended downtime. As well as boasting long-lasting results, our internal products also cure at a range of temperatures, dry rapidly and are easy to apply, meaning time is saved and areas are back in business much quicker.

External Coatings

External walls and floors, as well as roofs, balconies and walkways, can all benefit from the products Watco and Tor Coatings jointly offer.

Walls and cladding can be maintained with exterior coatings, roofs can be repaired or upgraded with roof coating systems, external balconies waterproofed, and car parks can be made safer with anti-slip coatings and pothole repairs.

Our industry-leading formulations deliver high-quality results to all external areas while offering long-lasting protection. Whether you are looking to repair, refurbish or upgrade your exterior surfaces, we are here to help ensure the best possible results, while managing costs and downtime to minimise disruption.

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