Rapid Repair Solution For Damaged Roofs

  • 13th March 2024

Leaks in your roof will leave your site unsafe and looking unsightly. While it may be natural to consider repairing your roof in its entirety, patch repairs made to your surfaces can help you save both time and money.

Raincoat W, our waterproof solution, lets you quickly and easily make short-term repairs to your roof, while also providing long-term protection to your surfaces. Here, we look at the reasons why you should apply this rapid solution to your roof projects.

It gets to work quickly

Specially designed to make short-term patch repairs rapidly, Raincoat W allows you to avoid costly and time-consuming projects and focus solely on the area that needs to be repaired. Your project will be completed efficiently and without any hassle, as leaks are stopped immediately. 

As a short-term specialist product, Raincoat W can be stored and reused for up to 2 years, so you can keep on top of urgent roof projects without wasting any of it.

It can be used to make core sample repairs

Easy to apply, our reactive coating can also repair roof core samples as you treat them. By investigating into their material and slope, your roofs can become safer surfaces, while our rapid solution can repair the sample afterwards with an odourless finish and without the need of a base-coat.

It provides long-lasting protection

Not only does our waterproof solution get to work fast, quickly repairing damaged roofs, but it also provides long-lasting protection. A single coat of the Fibretex gives 5 years of safeguarding, while 10 years of reliable protection can be achieved when a topcoat is applied. So, you can use Raincoat W with confidence, knowing that your roof is protected for the long-term. 

It can make your roof rain-resistant quickly

Our water-based solution can make your roof rain-resistant in just 1 hour and fully dry in 4 hours – when it is 20°C and 60% relative humidity. So, when carrying out roof projects in dry and warm weather, you can also benefit from Raincoat W’s quick-drying qualities.


For fast short-term repairs to your roof, Raincoat W can protect your surface with a waterproofing finish that helps you save money and time.    



A FREE site survey from one of our experts provides you with a comprehensive assessment of your site’s existing condition, analysing how best to protect your building and move your project forward.


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