Prevention is the best treatment: how Torrex can guarantee years of protection

  • 21st November 2022

Multiple layers of paint are a known hazard when applied to communal areas & escape routes

Internal corridors and staircases can be coated in traditional, non-fire-resistant paint which can combine to make surfaces more prone to combustion, and extremely dangerous. Conventional paints can burn quickly and allow a fire to spread rapidly.

Building owners and site managers will be aware of their duty of care in fire safety for their building, both inside and out. The requirement under current regulations is for them to achieve Euro Class B or Class O Fire Performance. By using specialised paint products like Torrex, risks can be reduced and escape routes can be granted a longer window of safety for residents leaving areas during a fire.

Upgrade existing coatings

Site surveys are crucial to establish the condition of the painted surfaces within a property, and to establish just how many layers there are. Torrex can be applied to non-combustible surfaces to assure performance, quality and reliability thanks to its varying levels of application. This would then provide flame retardant properties to the building, and maintain the correct fire rating of its construction.

During any upgrades of existing fire preventative measures, Torrex can be re-applied and continue to provide protection in as little as three coats, and in the case of future redecoration of specialist projects, can be colour matched professionally. Making early assessments can reduce costs and delay any signs of fire performance degradation.

Keep the long-term health and safety of your building as a priority

As part of your free survey from Tor Coatings, our specialist will cover whether your building has any legislative issues, such as fire performance. Should they identify ways in which your fire safety could be improved, they may suggest the application of a fire retardant coating to internal walls.

A fire retardant paint can provide people with the time they need to evacuate safely, while also limiting the damage to your site. Torrex is one of the most effective flame retardant paints on the market. If walls are already coated with traditional, non-flame resistant paint, a covering of Torrex will help hold back the spread of flames should a fire break out. Providing the potential of needing fewer repair costs after any incidents and lengthening escape time for residences can truly be priceless reassurance.

Increase productivity while improving site performance

Custom specification per project is the only way to ensure total accuracy of your fire upgrading system. Tor offers free site surveys and bespoke support throughout an application, meaning the system agreed upon after an inspection will match the risk established in your property – and you’ll have advice and support in the duration of work being carried out.

Honest advice and communication that stems from decades of expertise mean building managers will never be over-specified or over-quoted for work needed, and an unsafe job will never come to fruition as a result of rushed under-specification.

Make sure your internal corridors, staircases and and walkways meet the right regulations by booking your free site survey here

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