Waverley & Mather Flats

  • Scotswood, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Category: Floors
  • Product: Elastadeck
  • Sector: Social Housing
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Coverage Area: 1000m2
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Free Site Survey


Before the correct coating system could be specified, Tor Coatings carried out a comprehensive free survey of the site to ensure every aspect of the project was clearly understood and all defects were documented thoroughly.

Product Specification


The solution presented itself in the form of Elastadeck from Tor Coatings, a fast curing, solvent-free polyurethane system specifically designed for the decoration and protection of communal walkways, corridors and balconies. Elastadeck is a hard-wearing resin coating system that boasts an unparalleled track record in the social housing sector. It can be applied directly to the existing substrate to provide an attractive, waterproof and slip-resistant surface.



The project was undertaken by Tor with Tor Partner contractor FWR to deliver the above quickly and efficiently. The system was also used in conjunction with 5 other specialist coating systems from Tor Coatings.

Continued Support


With a watertight guarantee and a comprehensive range of no-quibble warranties, the client was safe in the knowledge that their building will be protected for years to come. The Elastadeck system has a guaranteed life of 15 years to first major maintenance but we can also demonstrate that using this aggregate has delivered almost 20 years of continuous use on balcony sites across the UK.

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