• Category: Walls
  • Product: Unicover
  • Sector: Retail
  • Roof Type: Walls
  • Guarantee: 10 years
  • Coverage Area: 600m2
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Free Site Survey


Tor Coatings conducted a site survey to thoroughly test the existing substrate and ensure any recommended system was fully compatible.

Project Specification


The Existing cladding was in excellent condition so we recommended a wash down and then application of Unicover W, the satin finish has been designed to match the existing materials and give a professional, durable finish with a 10 year warranty included as standard.



The project was completed by TMS Contractors, with site support from the Tor sales and technical service team. Each surface was washed down with Torstrip WDA10 to ensure all contamination and loose material was removed.

As the store was in constant operation during working hours, measures had to be taken to carry out the works with minimum disruption. To ensure surrounding areas were not covered in paint during the application the contractor roller-applied the system.

Continued Support


The Unicover system provides flexible, durable, long-lasting protection for up to 10 years before first full maintenance. During this period, we will carry out a 1-year inspection and then a scheduled inspection every 5 years to ensure that the performance is delivered for the client.

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