Tor EdgeProtect™ Cut Edge Corrosion System


Tor EdgeProtect™ cut edge corrosion treatment has been specifically designed to refurbish the cut edges on metal profiled cladding that are left untreated and unprotected when they are cut to size in the factory.

Utilising a four-stage process, inclusive of specialist anti-corrosion primer, tape, fibretex reinforcement and topcoat, Tor EdgeProtect™ offers either 10* to 15** years of protection from water ingress and the issues associated with unprotected factory cut edge corrosion. The system is supported by full insurance-backed product performance warranties when installed by our Tor Partner Contractors. Unlike silicone-based systems, Tor EdgeProtect™ can be overcoated to extend the life of the system even further.

*Raincoat™ Roof or Unicover™ S
** Unicover™ Ultra S


As cladding refurbishment is dependant wholly on condition, we recommend asking for a free site survey to assess your building.




Tor EdgeProtect™  offers:

• Quickly resistant to rainfall, offering a waterproof repair
• Attractive semi-gloss finish
• Easy application
• Flexible and joint free
• Excellent resistance to weathering
• Cost effective
• UV stable
• Wide colour range available*


*can be tinted to any RAL, BS or NCS shade – excluding metallics

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Tor Epoxy Surface Tolerant Primer – providing extra protection in the form of an anti-corrosion initial layer
Elastascrim BT Tape (specified for joint laps)
FT Tape (specified for bolt heads)
Elastaseal Fibretex – for fibre reinforcement
Topcoat – Raincoat Roof or Unicover™ S (10 years) or Unicover™ Ultra S (15 years)

Suitable for treating cut edge corrosion on all metal roof and vertical cladding. It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a full waterproofing specification.
Tor EdgeProtect™ cut edge corrosion treatment is ideally suited for refurbishing and protecting untreated and failing cladding coatings on types of building such as:
• Retail units
• Warehouses and distribution centres
• Factories
• Schools and colleges
• Garages

  • Unrivalled expertise and knowledge
  • Nationwide team of area managers and technical personnel
  • Free site survey
  • Free comprehensive specification writing
  • On site technical back-up for live projects

Due to the high number of possible substrates and varying conditions in which they can be found, Tor Coatings strongly recommend that a site survey is carried out to determine the exact specification required.

Tor Coatings offer a free site survey service, and all of our Area Business Managers are fully trained and able to carry out full site assessments. A detailed and bespoke specification will then be issued.

Contact Tor Coatings on 0191 410 6611 to arrange your free site survey.

Tor Coatings’ national team of Area Business Managers is supported by a dedicated customer services team, a team of experienced paint chemists and a dedicated technical help desk. Call 0191 411 3148 for assistance from our helpdesk or visit to find out more.

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