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Stripping Systems

Here at Tor Coatings, we have developed advanced stripping systems, which enable the quick and easy removal of multi-layered paint and textured coatings from walls and ceilings. Our Torstrip™ WBS Water-Based Stripping System can be used as a strong paint remover and high-performance ceiling or wall stripper, yet is non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic and low odour. Use the product as an artex remover or to efficiently lift multiple or thick layers of paint from walls, eradicating unsightly damage or stripping back, so that you can add fresh paint and internal wall coatings. These products an also be used as part of an asbestos removal process, and we can recommend a licensed contractor who is properly qualified to complete this kind of work. Contact us today to arrange a free site survey, where our experts will determine the most effective solution for your premises.