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Hygiene Coatings

Tor Coatings supply a range of hygiene coatings that can be quickly and easily applied to internal surfaces including stripped plasterboard, painted concrete and ceramic tile. Our hygienic coatings, such as the Torsan® Acrylic Eggshell are the perfect solution for premises requiring high levels of sanitation, such as medical facilities, restaurant kitchens and care homes, improving health and safety standards significantly. All products in our antibacterial coatings range are extremely durable, easy to clean, and dry quickly in order to minimise disruption during installation. Torsan® Ultimate and Torsan® WBU are highly resistant to harsh chemicals, so strong cleaning products can be used without fear of abrasion. Additionally, the internal hygiene coatings also achieve a class 0 fire rating over non-combustible substrates. We recommend you contact our technical team directly for more information on this product range.

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