Winterproofing your roof with Elastaseal Z

  • 17th October 2022

With winter quickly approaching, you can be forgiven for thinking you have no time to successfully waterproof your roof before the wet weather begins. The last thing you want to do is a rush job that can lead to costly short-term maintenance in the near future.

In Elastaseal Z, you have a waterproofing system that is cost-effective for your project. Whether you opt to use our 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30-year systems, Elastaseal Z creates a seamless and breathable waterproof barrier that stops roof leaks. The system is also highly resistant to ponded water.

So, while this winter may be the focus of your attention at the moment, future wet seasons are already taken care of by our leading liquid roof waterproofing system. It can be installed as a warm, cold or inverted roof design over pre-existing substrates that may be weathered, worn or damaged demonstrating the systems versatility.

Elastaseal Z can be applied as a ‘wet-on-wet’ system, saving clients time during application, while the warm roofing option can manage rainwater off the structure when using a ‘Cut to Falls’ insulation scheme. This 3D roof design incorporates creates falls on the roof to manage rainfall into the gutter and minimise areas of ponded water which can add weight to a flat roof structure in rainy conditions.

On inverted roofs, you’ll find this liquid system can be applied directly to the existing area to provide waterproofing protection. Importantly in these times, it assists with the reduction of heat loss by creating a surface suitable for roof gardens, terraces and private balconies. By offering the option of designing a green roof, our flexible system also helps with rainwater attenuation. With zero odour, zero leaks and zero disruption, Elastaseal Z offers a joint-free waterproof barrier in as little as 2 coats to sites such as hospitals, commercial offices and retail units. There is no need for hot works or naked flames, as this liquid waterproofing offering is applied with rollers and gives a durable and flexible finish. Our Accelerator Solution allows your roof to cure more quickly through the winter months.

Each building and roof we support the protection of comes with its own set of challenges, making Tor’s no-quibble guarantee as important as the level of service we provide. Our guidance doesn’t simply end when the last layer is applied – our surveyor experts will advise, listen and collaborate throughout the length of project maintenance.

That’s the Tor promise.

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