Understanding the fire risk of multi-layered paint

  • 16th April 2021

At Tor Coatings we have been making fire resistant coatings for 40 years and we have the UK’s most comprehensive range of Class 0 internal fire protection coatings so you know you are getting the best product for your project.

We know how important it is to have the right fire protection in place so specifiers, architects and building managers have peace of mind and residents of multiple occupancy buildings are kept safe in the event of fire.

What are the fire safety regulations in the UK?

Fire safety regulations in the UK are outlined in Approved Document B which is part of the building regulations and is divided into 5 sections.

The sections are:

Part B1: Means of Warning and Escape
Part B2: Internal Fire Spread (Linings)
Part B3: Internal Fire Spread (Structure)
Part B4: External Fire Spread
Part B5: Access and Facilities for the Fire Service
Our fire protection coatings have been created to meet the requirements outlined in part B2 as the coatings are designed to be used in communal areas of buildings such as fire escapes and stairwells.

What are the risks of multi-layered paint?

Over time, as buildings are renovated or redecorated, paint is re-applied to walls and ceilings to improve the aesthetics. However, increasing the number of paint layers on these surfaces can increase their flammability. It is a well established fact that multi-layered paints can be a fire risk and lead to rapid flame spread in the event of fire. Effectively, when you add conventional paints, you are adding fuel for a fire to use.

In terms of redecorating buildings in a safe manner, It is the responsibility of the building manager to determine the risk posed by the existing coated surfaces and also to specify or source the correctly tested coating systems for the refurbishment in order to deliver the required fire performance for the building.

To examine the fire risks of multi-layered paint, Tor have created a dedicated free CPD course to help architects, building surveyors, specifiers or property managers that are involved in the refurbishment of communal spaces in multiple-occupancy accommodation and buildings with communal areas.

Book a CPD now

What does the CPD cover?

The course, which has been 3rd party accredited by CPD UK, is designed to give a better understanding of fire legislation and maintaining fire safety in communal areas by managing the risks from multi-layer paints which can cause rapid flame spread. The session also covers the basic principles and attributes that the Tor Coatings Torrex system can offer clients across a range of sectors.

CPD breakdown

Brief introduction to Tor Coatings Ltd
The requirement from Approved Document B2
The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order
Understanding Class 0 or Euro Class B fire performance
Why multi-layered painted surfaces can cause rapid flame spread?
Redecorate communal areas and deliver for fire performance required
Live Q&A session

Want to find out more about how Tor can provide fire protection that really handles the heat?

Get in touch with our team for expert advice on our range of fire resistant coatings, or book a free, online CPD now.

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