The benefit of wet-on-wet applications 

  • 20th February 2020

A recent innovation for Elastaseal Z roof liquid system is the ability to apply it as a faster-curing wet-on-wet system. During the quick and simple process, a coating is applied directly onto the roof and the reinforcement matting is embedded; the system is then topped up with more coating to get the job done faster than ever before.

Wet-on-wet applications offers quicker possession times and less disruption on site, as there’s no wait time between the first application of resin drying and the final layer being installed. As this tried and tested technique is applied in a single operation, installation times and labour costs for your roofing project are dramatically reduced. 

When applied as a wet-on-wet system, application issues and roof failures associated with multiple coatings and uneven layer thickness are also eliminated, delivering a lower risk installation.

Find out more about Elastaseal Z here.

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