New Face to Face Training Courses

  • 28th February 2022

Since our launch in 1975, we’ve been helping surveyors, specifiers, architects, building managers, and contractors tackle the most common of construction challenges with comprehensive training courses on our range of trusted waterproofing and protective surfacing systems. Until now, we have been making the most of online learning solutions to continue delivering our range of CPD courses throughout the pandemic, but this just wasn’t possible to do with our practical training programmes.

Now, however, with most of the UK’s COVID-19 restrictions coming to an end, the team here at Tor have been busy working hard behind the scenes to re-open the doors to our Britley Training Facility.

From March onwards, join us on one of our new, face-to-face training courses and discover how to use our range of liquid protective systems for flat and pitched roofs, balconies, and cut edge corrosion.

To ensure you’re fully qualified with the right skills and know-how, each course will take place over two days, and you’l receive a certificate to prove your attendance. Operatives will also be given supplementary training cards.

New Face to Face Training Courses

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we asked our followers which training courses they were most interested in learning more about. As it happens, they were interested in them all! But in first place, results showed that our community was most interested in liquid waterproofing for flat roofs, followed by cut edge corrosion protection and finally, balcony protection. Below, we take you through a whistle-stop tour of what you can expect from our flat roof training programme and why you should book your place today.

Waterproofing of Flat and Pitched Roofs

With over 40 years of experience providing both specialist coatings and expert advice to the social housing, commercial and industrial sectors, we know exactly what our customers and partners require to ‘skill-up’ and get the job done.

Helping to teach the benefits of using the latest liquid waterproofing technologies, this training module covers the basic principles and attributes that our Elastaseal Z system can offer clients across multiple industries.

Covering topics such as the cause of failing substrates, pre-contract site inspections, building regulation part L, material limitations, wind uplift calculations, how cold liquid applied systems work and much more, this face-to-face and invaluable training session will help open your eyes to a new way of problem-solving and provide you with the qualifications to prove it. To reserve your place on our next training programme, please click here.

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