The Importance of Flame Retardant Paint: What is it & Why is Matters?

  • 17th June 2021

Safety in any environment is important. Within the high-rise housing sector however, this concept is demanding particular attention. As part of this, one of the most important aspects to consider is fire prevention and, if the worst happens and a fire does break out, what measures are in place to allow residents to exit the building safely.

In the building regulations, Appendix B deals with the requirement for ‘linings’ as follows:


The regulations go on to identify that different areas have different fire performance requirements:


So in circulation spaces Euro Class B is the requirement. The equivalent National Class fire performance is ‘Class 0’ under BS476.

What is flame retardant paint?

Simply put, flame retardant paint such as Torrex, is a special type of coating designed to hold back the spread of flames during a fire, limiting damage to the building and giving those within it more time to evacuate safely. It also only gives off a relative low heat build up in order to give added protection against flashover which can race through areas must faster.

Particularly important in residential buildings but equally important in schools, office blocks and other commercial buildings where there are people inside who require valuable time to get out, fire retardant paint delays the spread of flames, protects a building’s structural integrity, and ultimately saves lives.

Why it matters?

As buildings are repainted over the years, you are effectively adding fuel to the walls and ceilings. It has been proven that multi-layered surfaces can have rapid flame spreading properties and give off high heat. Both things that will propagate fire growth and potentially prevent safe egress from the building. So, when you redecorate, you need to assess the painted surfaces and specify the use of a correctly tested paint system.

A correctly applied flame retardant paint system as found in the Torrex range, can upgrade the fire performance of the surfaces back to the fire performance requirements. Even if the surface has the worst case fire properties, a Torrex system will upgrade you and bring you back under control.

What’re the benefits of using Torrex systems?

They allow you to demonstrate due diligence in conforming with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order by ensuring the fire performance of treated walls and ceilings are to the requirement of Appendix B2.

It doesn’t have to disrupt style

Just like regular paint, sacrificing style for safety isn’t a concern you have to consider when it comes to our extensive range of flame retardant paint. At Tor Coatings, our sophisticated collection of Torrex and Torlife products means that you can choose a matt finish for your stairwell ceiling, an eggshell coat on your landing and an anti-graffiti finish for your busy communal areas – remaining in line with both your interior design and safety regulations.

It can be applied to a number of different substrates

From style to substance, this type of flame resistant coating can be applied to a multitude of different surfaces, helping to ensure protection across all key areas of a building. From brick and concrete to hardwood and plasterboard, this internal paint solution can be applied to most wall and ceiling types for better protection and building safety.

To find out more about how we can help you provide fire protection that really handles the heat, get in touch with our team of experts for professional advice and guidance on our range of fire retardant coatings, or book a free, online CPD now.

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