How Tor Can Help You Keep Your CPD Hours Up To Date

  • 15th February 2021

Making sure that your CPD hours are up to date is not only a vital aspect of refreshing your skills and knowledge, but it is also a mandatory requirement for maintaining certain professional credentials.

Undertaking CPD courses also shows that you are ensuring active learning and are committed to achieving high standards in your field. At Tor, we offer free, online CPD courses for surveyors, building managers, contractors and specifiers on Understanding the Fire Risk of Multi-Layer Paints, Roofs, Floors and Walls and Waterproofing of Flat & Pitched Roofs.  Our accredited range is designed to be convenient and comprehensive, with seminars lasting between 45 and 60 minutes, so whatever your specialism, you can find the CPD course you need to keep your hours up to date.


What is covered in an ‘Understanding the Fire Risk of Multi-Layer Paints’ CPD? 

Fire safety is an essential learning point for those working with multiple occupancy buildings. This online CPD is aimed towards architects, building surveyors, specifiers or property managers involved in the refurbishment of communal spaces in social housing blocks and buildings with communal areas, stairwells and internal fire exits. 

It will help you to understand the following topics:

  • The requirement from Approved Document B2
  • The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order
  • Understanding Class 0 or Euro Class B fire performance
  • Why multi-layered painted surfaces can cause rapid flame spread?
  • How to manage and redecorate communal areas and deliver for fire performance required
Some key learning points that will be covered include:


  • Understanding that multi-layered painted walls can be a fire risk. 
  • Understanding responsibilities under RR(FS)O
  • Understanding how to deal with multi-layered painted walls

What is covered in a ‘Waterproofing of Flat & Pitched Roofs’ CPD?

This seminar is aimed towards building surveyors, specifiers or property managers that are involved in the refurbishment of flat roofs. This CPD will cover:
  • What causes existing substrates to fail?
  • What are cold liquid applied systems?
  • How do cold liquid applied systems work?
  • Building Regulations Part L
  • Cold, warm and Inverted roofs
  • Pitched Roof Issues & Options
  • Case study overview

What is covered in a ‘Roofs Floors and Walls’ CPD?

This CPD is for building surveyors, specifiers or property managers involved in the refurbishment of commercial and industrial buildings. On this CPD, participants will cover the following areas:
  • Flat roof waterproofing solutions
  • Systems for coil coated metal profiled cladding
    • Cut edge corrosion treatment
    • Pitched roof solutions
    • Vertical metal profiled cladding, protection and decoration
  • Coating for internal walls
  • Floor systems

Why not speak to our team to find out more about our free, online CPD courses or book a CPD here


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