Professional fire protection and prevention using Torrex

  • 12th August 2022

Earlier this year, London Fire Department reported their busiest day in service since World War 2. When July 2022 brought with it a record breaking heatwave, we saw commercial buildings and surrounding areas alike struggle to adapt to new temperatures and environments with dangerous consequences. 

Whether you’re complying with fire safety legislation or want to give communal building areas, an office, or a small business an extra layer of fire protection, fireproof paint is essential. We recently asked our Linkedin followers which feature of Torrex was the most important when it came to providing protection. All the key elements chosen by our clients are provided when you use the Torrex systems: holding back the spread of flame, preventing flashover by keeping fire growth low and critically, allow for essential evacuation time in the event of a fire 

Of course, if we know anything it’s that each building and surface comes with its own individual set of maintenance requirements and that all buildings are naturally subject to the need of renovation. As newer layers of store-bought paint are added to walls and ceilings, the risk of flammability increases with the amount of conventional paint used – essentially adding more plastic based fuel to any potential fires. 

How we assess the best course of action:

Free Site Survey

First of all, it’s imperative that our technical specialists and Area Managers discuss with clients, building managers and alike on what they are most hoping to achieve. Whether it’s taking the first steps of a newly built wall to be both decorative and protective, or updating the existing maintenance of an interior surface that already has many layers of traditional paint, we hold the firm belief that only the most accurate action can be taken by physically seeing the situation at hand. 

Tor’s pride in accuracy then ensures that the correct level of product can be applied, and that you’ll never be over or under quoted. We begin with the right product for the right job, every time. 

Risk Assessment

The series offers three performance tiers to provide a cost effective solution matched to the risk we identify for your individual project after a full site assessment. This risk-based approach delivers the most flexible, cost-effective means of complying with the RRO and meeting The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) and required Class 0 fire rating. 

Our dedicated project specifications exist so that only the most specific quantity of these coatings will be applied, in order to protect against the rapid spread of fire – leaving only a tough, hard wearing surface. 

Performance Application

Whether your on-site specialist deems the area high, low or medium risk – the feedback and action plan will be honest and based on your exact requirements. Torrex can be specified in a host of colours and a selection of finishes with anti-graffiti options. We work with our clients at every stage of each project from initial fire risk assessment through to specification and installation, meaning that the project will adhere to the legal requirements of The Building Regulations, as well as ensuring that Tor’s aftercare will see the work last long into the future of the building. 

If you’re looking to learn more about the Torrex series’ proven track record for reliability,  contact a helpful member of our team today. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about our fire protection products, please click here.

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