What to Consider in a Roof Coatings Waterproofing Solution

  • 13th July 2021

When choosing a roof waterproofing system, what’s the most important factor you consider?

Waterproofing your commercial roof is not only vital for the overall structural integrity of your building, but it also has many financial advantages and safety implications for those living and working beneath it. Where roof replacements are costly and can be incredibly disruptive in commercial settings where people work, live and go to school in, waterproof roof coating solutions provide a simpler way of extending the life of a building without falling into the trap of quick-fix repairs.

Once you’ve decided that this sort of solution is right for you, it’s time to choose a coatings option that suits your brief.

We conducted a short survey to see what mattered most to others when it comes to choosing a waterproof coating – and now, the results are in. From a choice of fast installation, warranty, cost, and being odourless, the majority of people told us that warranty was the most important factor for them with 52% of the votes. Fast installation came second (22% of votes), cost was third with 17% of votes, and being odourless came in fourth place with 9% of votes.

Fortunately, here at Tor Coatings, our award-winning flat roof waterproof coating solution, Elastaseal Z, covers all four factors, and we’re explaining just how in a little more detail, below.


Unsurprisingly, when it comes to choosing a solution aimed at standing the test of time, you want to make sure this remains the case for years to come, and playing the waiting game to find out simply isn’t an option.

So, to guarantee your satisfaction and emphasise our confidence in the effectiveness of your waterproofing solution, at Tor, all of our roofing systems are covered by a single-point warranty provided by us. This means that if you come across any problems with your roof following completion, you only have to get in touch to get the matter resolved – no matter whether the defect is material or workmanship related.

We don’t stop there. Not only are all of our roofing solutions protected by a comprehensive, no quibble warranty, you’ll also find that each scheme is secured with an insurance-backed guarantee paid for by us – giving building owners peace of mind that we’ve got it covered long after the initial installation.

How to qualify for warranty with us, the three stages:

To qualify for a warranty with Tor, you must ensure you follow the three steps below.

Step one

First, after you’ve been in touch, one of our experienced Area Business Managers will come out to meet you to discuss your project and carry out a free and thorough survey of your roof, making note of any issues to ensure each aspect of your project has been carefully considered and documented throughout.

Step two

As we only work with a select number of qualified contractors whose customer service principles and values are aligned with our own, your designated Area Business Manager will then recommend one of these contracting companies to you, to carry out your installation. Afterwards, a custom-written project specification will be issued, explaining how every detail of the roof will be tackled prior to it being installed.

Step three

Finally, once the project has begun, our technical service team along with your assigned Area Business Manager will attend various stages of the installation process to ensure the project specification is being adhered to, and in doing this, authorising your warranty with us.

Fast installation

Particularly when looking to minimise disruption to those using your building, fast installation can and should be a key factor when it comes to choosing your waterproofing solution.

As a wet-on-wet system that doesn’t require any wait time between the first application of resin drying and the final layer being installed, Elastaseal Z dramatically reduces overall project times, making it a smart choice when looking for a quick option of future-proofing your flat roof.


While you can’t put a price tag on safety, keeping costs low is naturally a vital aspect of choosing what to do when it comes to waterproofing a commercial building roof. With Elastaseal Z, because of its application in a single operation, labour costs are significantly reduced – making it a cost-effective roofing solution.


An important aspect to any commercial or residential building project, but particularly crucial when planning on carrying out the work while people continue to work or live in the building, ensuring your chosen coating solution doesn’t give off an unpleasant, disruptive smell is something worth considering.

Elastaseal Z’s zero-solvent odour formula ensures that the system is safer and ideal for use on sites where fumes can be hazardous, such as in schools, pharmaceutical facilities, food and beverage manufacturing sites, hospitals, commercial offices and retail units.

There are many factors you need to consider when it comes to choosing a roof waterproofing system. To talk through your options before your free site survey, contact a helpful member of our team today.

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