Everything you need to know about treating cut edge corrosion

  • 19th November 2021

We’re at the cutting edge of cut edge corrosion. With over 40 years of coating experience behind us, we’re here to help you understand this issue and how you can protect against it.

But, before diving into our latest poll, let’s begin by explaining the ins and outs of cut edge corrosion.

What is cut edge corrosion?

Cut edge corrosion occurs when the unprotected sheet edges of coil-coated Plastisol are exposed to weathering. This is because the coil coated profiles are cut down to size during the manufacturing process, leaving the edges unprotected.

What problems can cut edge corrosion cause?

Corrosion of the cut edge will worsen if left untreated. In extreme cases it will cause the sheets to become unsafe when high levels of corrosion can occur.

How to prevent cut edge corrosion?

The best way to treat cut edge corrosion is to ensure that cladding is fully protected during roof maintenance using treatments, such as the EdgeProtect System from Tor Coatings, the number one way of extending the life of coil coated cladding materials.

The main factors to consider when deciding on a cut edge corrosion treatment

In a recent LinkedIn poll, we reached out to surveyors, building managers and contractors to identify their top considerations when deciding on a cut edge corrosion treatment. From a choice of warranty, colour choice, corrosion protection and installation time, corrosion protection was identified as the number one consideration (55%). This was followed by warranty (36%), installation time (9%) and finally, colour choice (0%).

The EdgeProtect Solution

When it comes to cut edge corrosion, the EdgeProtect system provides a proven, cost-effective solution that seals and safeguard corroded edges for up to 20 years.
Combining a high-quality primer that exhibits superb adhesion onto prepared metal and existing coil-coated finishes with a flexible butylene tape, reinforced with a fibre-filled coating, fortifies the strength of each joint without the need for costly replacement.

What’s more, our liquid zinc-based cut edge corrosion treatment can be combined with a full waterproofing system to add further protection against water damage. We can even colour match the finish of our Unicover topcoats to compliment your project perfectly.

To learn more about our EdgeProtect System – including our no quibbles warranty promise and insurance-backed policies – click here. Alternatively, contact us and speak to one of our experts on how Tor can help you with your project or specification.

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