Continuing Professional Development: What and Why is CPD Important in the Buildings Sector?

  • 17th August 2021

CPD isn’t a one-time thing – quite the opposite, in fact. Particularly within the construction and building maintenance sectors, there are certain aspects of the job that need to be learned in line with ongoing safety rules and regulations to complete your required 40 hours or CPD per year. Not only will this give your customers peace of mind that you’re qualified with the right know-how, but it will give you the confidence to tackle and approach a number of issues in a safe and professional manner.

With over 40 years of experience providing both specialist coatings and expert advice to the social housing, commercial and industrial sectors, we know exactly what our customers and partners require to skill-up and get the job done. That’s why our convenient, flexible and accredited free CPD courses are made available to all surveyors, specifiers, architects, building managers and contractors looking to develop their skills in specific areas.

In a recent LinkedIn Poll, we asked our followers which area of their work they were most interested in learning more about. As it happens, they were interested in them all! But in first place, results showed our community was most interested in fire safety, followed by roof waterproofing, then general building safety. Below, we take you through a whistle stop tour of what you can expect to learn from our courses, and why you should book your free, online place.

Understanding the Fire Risk of Multi-Layer Paints

Designed to provide specifiers with a better understanding of legislation and the risks associated with fire safety in communal areas, understanding the fire risk of multi-layer paint is of paramount importance when keeping buildings and their residents safe from the threat of rapid flame spread.

A particularly essential learning point for those working with multiple occupancy buildings, this online CPD course is aimed at those involved in the refurbishment of communal spaces in social housing blocks and buildings with communal areas, stairwells and internal fire exits.

Well-suited to architects, building surveyors, specifiers and property managers, the session goes into detail about the requirement from approved document B2, understanding Class 0 fire performance, why multi-layered surfaces spread fire more quickly, and what to do to stop this. In addition, the session also covers the basic principles and attributes that the Tor Coatings Torrex system can offer clients across a range of sectors.

Waterproofing of Flat and Pitched Roofs

Helping teach specifiers the benefits of using the latest liquid waterproofing technologies designed to meet the needs of both environmental and building regulations, our Liquid Waterproofing CPD covers the basic principles and attributes that the Tor Coatings Elastaseal Z system can offer clients across different industries.

Suitable for building surveyors, specifiers and property managers involved in the refurbishment of pitched or flat roofs, this course will advise attendees on liquid waterproofing technologies and why this should be considered for different roof types.

Covering topics such as the causes of failing substrates, building regulation part L, how cold liquid applied systems work, along with much more, this live and invaluable session will help open your eyes to a new way of problem solving and provide you with qualifications to prove it.

General building protection: Roofs, Walls & Floors

With the aim of making life as easy as possible for building surveyors, our Roofs, Walls & Floors CPD offers expert advice on how to protect a building as well as repair and maintain its roof, with further advice on how to ensure warranties are upheld throughout the lifespan of the guarantee.

This free and accredited course is suitable for those involved in the refurbishment of commercial and industrial buildings and, during the session, those taking part will be provided with expert advice on how to protect and maintain a building’s roof, floors and walls, as well as gaining knowledge on the basic principles and attributes that the Tor Coatings systems can offer clients across a range of sectors.

As part of this, you’ll learn about cut edge corrosion – what it is, why it matters and how to treat it -, cladding protection and decoration, internal wall coatings, roof waterproofing solutions and much much more.

To reserve your spot and book your CPD, you can find out more here.

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