Accessories for Elastaseal Z


Roof Trims

The Tortrim range has been developed to complement the Elastaseal Z series and provide a neat, professional finish.

Tortrims can be used with Elastaseal Z warm and cold liquid roofing systems to encourage or prevent water movements off the roof edges.

The range is made from high quality GRP and comprises of standard 90 degree drip trims, water check trims with drip details, a hard edge for insulation termination, an internal angle for upstand detailing and a termination bar. It also accommodates the vertical trim depth requirements for the common Tortherm Insulation depths, to ensure a quality, professional finish is achieved. Tortrims are also supplied with a reinforcing strap to allow easy gluing of the trim lengths before fixing.

For more information, key features, benefits and to find out about the product range download the Elastaseal Z brochure.


Thermal Insulation

Tortherm is a high performance PIR (polyisocyanurate) rigid foam board, available with a tongue and groove edge detail to help prevent thermal bridging at board joints and provide easy alignment and rapid installation.

When used in conjunction with Tor liquid applied waterproofing systems, Tortherm provides efficient thermal insulation in built-up (BUR) warm roof assemblies, reducing heat loss, boosting energy efficiency and eliminating the need for roof ventilation.

The Tortherm cut to falls schemes offer some real on-site benefits to client and contractors alike. The falls are engineered into the scheme, ensuring the desired effect is delivered as planned rather than relying on the skilled labour on-site.

The boards are also fully bonded during manufacturing, resulting in a faster installation time and sizeable weight advantages compared to timber firrings or screeds laid to falls.

For more information, key features and benefits download the Elastaseal Z brochure.


Vapour Control

TorVap Vapour Control Layer and Carrier Membrane (VCL/CM) is a self-adhesive bituminous waterproofing membrane that forms a total barrier against vapour and gases. It can be used in the Elastaseal Z warm roof system as a self-adhesive vapour control layer and as the self-adhesive carrier membrane over Tortherm Insulation.

TorVap VCL/CM consists of a self-adhesive, low thickness bituminous compound, self-protected by a glass fibre and a reinforced aluminium film. The glass fibre and polyester reinforcement makes the membrane resistant to heavy worksite traffic.

As a vapour control layer, TorVap can be use over most roofing substrates including concrete, timber, metal surfaces, roofing felt, asphalt, single ply membranes. Porous surfaces will require a primer to be applied and cured. As a carrier membrane, TorVap VCL/CM adheres directly onto the silver–faced Tortherm Insulation panel.

For more information, key features and benefits download the Elastaseal Z brochure.

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