Floor coating systems on a different level.

Tortread overview

At Tor Coatings, we’ve been producing high quality resin flooring systems for over 40 years. Our latest product suite, Tortread, has been developed to deliver faster and more effective installation than ever before with minimum disruption or downtime for buildings.

Tortread offers a comprehensive range of products designed to provide highly effective solutions to problems commonly associated with the installation of resin flooring. With a number of price and performance points available, the innovative range is able to offer clients a tailored solution for their project and budget.

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1. Repair
The Tortread Fast-Cure Epoxy Mortar
has been specifically developed to
quickly repair any surface damage.

2. Prime
Tortread Powerprime creates a strong
and reliable bond that increases the
longevity of the floor and eliminates
costly shot blasting or grinding.

3. Protect
Once the floor has been prepared, a
protective coating layer can be applied
using a Tortread Floor Coating System.

Tortread features and benefits

Comprehensive Range

Tortread is available in a range of primers, coatings and finishes to suit any project.

Low Odour

Both Tortread’s water-based and solvent free systems are low odour.

Durable & Slip-Resistant

Resin technology delivers a tough, slip-resistant floor finish.

Maximise Performance

Fill and repair all cracks with our our Fast-Cure Epoxy Mortar. It’s stronger than concrete and quick setting.

More Colours

Tortread is available in six standard colours plus our tinting scheme.

Easily Applied

Powerprime can be quickly and easily applied by roller in just one coat.

Fast Installation

Powerprime has been designed to dramatically reduce installation costs and labour costs.

Cost Effective

Powerprime eliminates the need for costly shot blasting or grinding.

1. Repairing your floor with Tortread Fast-Cure Epoxy Mortar

In order to maximise a floor’s performance, you first need to fill and repair all cracks and rough details.

The Tortread Fast-Cure Epoxy Mortar offers a quick setting solution for defects such as concrete floor cracks and holes,  step treads and edges, or asphalt cracks and holes. The  innovative solution is extremely hard and, unlike many other  mortars, guarantees no shrinkage cracks.

Developed to fit a wide range of requirements and applications depending on the client needs and specification, the product can be trowelled into place to create a solid floor repair. Once cured, the result is a repaired surface with a long life finish which has excellent chemical and impact resistance. It can be overcoated with all of the Tortread primers and floor finishes.

2. Priming your floor with Tortread Powerprime

Powerprime has been developed to dramatically reduce time and costs associated with expensive floor preparations.

This innovative floor primer and surface strengthener completely eliminates the need for costly diamond grinding or shot blasting, saving you significant time and money on your overall project. Powerprime can be applied directly to powerfloated concrete and used alone as a sealer or in combination with coloured floor finishes, and can also be used to promote adhesion on other hard-to-coat surfaces.

To guarantee maximum performance and efficiency, your dedicated Area Business Manager can advise as to the most appropriate preparation method for your flooring project.

3. Protecting your floor with tailored specification service

Once a floor has been appropriately prepared and primed, the choice of finish is key. The coating type will need to be correctly matched to the environment for the floor. But with so many solutions available, how do you know which one is right for your industrial and commercial needs?

Don’t worry. We offer all clients a tailored specification service to help you make the right decision. During this free service, one of our highly experienced Area Business Managers will identify the requirements of your project and provide a bespoke flooring specification. Tortread has been designed to ensure that all surfaces can be treated to the highest standard, even in the most demanding of environments, so you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your project covered.