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Tor has the Edge on cladding coatings

Tor Coatings

Cut edge corrosion is where the exposed edges of factory-coated cladding become weathered and corroded after time. Treatment of these edges will extend the life of your cladding system and can also stop or guard against roof leaks, saving on replacement costs. The new Tor EdgeProtect™ system provides a cost effective means of tackling cut edge corrosion. It seals and safeguards corroded edges and mechanical fixings leaving the roof watertight.


First the mechanical fixings are protected using a combination of an anti-corrosive primer and out formable tape system. The overlapping edges of the existing cladding are then stripe-coated with anti-corrosive primer before being encapsulated with our specialist reinforcement tape. This is overcoated with a flexible, fibre-reinforced membrane. The topcoats can be specified as either of our Raincoat™ (10 year performance) or Torclad™ Colour Dynamic (15 year performance) products. Either topcoat system can be tinted to most RAL, BS or NCS colours.

Keep an eye on our videos section to see this exciting addition to Tor Coating’s product range, in action!