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The Scout Association, Chingford Coating systems used: Elastaseal™,

The refurbishment of a number of roofs at the headquarters of The Scout Association in Chingford, by specialist contractor Full Metal Jacket Ltd., has been completed with the Elastaseal system from Tor Coatings.

The project was to refurbish the pitched and flat roofs of a number of classrooms and a pair of large huts, seated in acres of beautiful countryside. The existing felt membranes had been breached by rainwater, which was entering the building and causing health and safety issues that needed to be addressed.

The Association required a long-term solution to the issue and this materialized in the form of Elastaseal, a cold liquid-applied waterproof coating system that can provide up to 25 years’ protection against the good old British weather.

Elastaseal works by seamlessly encapsulating the existing roof substrate, in this case felt, creating in effect a new membrane that is not only 100% waterproof but also allows the roof beneath to ‘breathe’ due to its vapour permeability.

The Elastaseal coating system is applied just like a regular paint and offers the significant advantages of no on site mixing and no need for naked flames as with comparable hot work bitumen roofing systems.
All coatings were applied with brush or roller, allowing the materials to be simply applied around all of the difficult areas in a continuous film. This prevents any potential future leakage problems from the joints. Application of the system was facilitated with the 12.5 litre can size, which enabled operators to easily transport the materials up to the roof.

The safe nature of the application process meant the refurbishment could be undertaken while the building remained occupied, a major benefit for the Association which uses the premises to provide training to young people to promote their personal development.

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