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Palace Theatre, Mansfield Coating systems used: Elastaseal™,

Tor Coatings, the leading supplier of protective coatings for buildings, has renovated the roof of a famous theatre on behalf of Mansfield District Council.

The Palace Theatre on Leeming Street opened in 1910 and was the town’s first purpose built cinema. The venue was extended in 1949 enabling it to stage live shows and has played host to some of the leading names in the entertainment business.

An inspection of the existing asphalt roof revealed extensive cracking and rivelling, caused by cycles of hot and cold weather over a number of years. The defects had allowed water to enter the building causing the ceilings to leak.

The flat roof covered an area of 300m2 and was coated with the firm’s ElastasealTM system.
ElastasealTM is a cold liquid-applied waterproof coating system that can be applied directly over an existing roof membrane to prevent roof leaks for up to 25 years, depending on the specification.

ElastasealTM works by seamlessly encapsulating the existing roof substrate, creating a new membrane that is not only 100% waterproof but also allows the roof beneath to ‘breathe’ due to its vapour permeability.
The theatre required a long-term solution to the problems it was experiencing and refurbishing with asphalt was not a desirable option. Being prone to the weather, asphalt doesn’t make a good refurbishment material however the major negative associated with the substrate is the requirement it must be applied in a molten state.

Hot works on roofs pose a serious fire risk and cannot be undertaken while a building is occupied.
Asphalt is also extremely difficult to work around details such as pipes and other protrusions – meaning it is poor at waterproofing these areas.

The ElastasealTM coating system was applied to the theatre roof by brush and roller by trained contractors. It offers the significant advantages of no on site mixing and no need for naked flames as with comparable hot work roofing systems.

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